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  1. backstories
    Adam Targum Fired at NCIS: New Orleans, Where Morale Problems Still Linger“If a guy like this is put into a room with staff that’s been through a lot of trauma in the past two years, there are going to be problems.”
  2. sexual harassment
    CBS Subpoenaed in New York in Les Moonves Sexual Misconduct InvestigationThe New York County District Attorney’s Office and the New York City Commission on Human Rights are looking into allegations made against him.
  3. cbs
    Les Moonves Might Still Get a $120 Million Payout From CBSUnless CBS determines the disgraced exec can be fired for cause.
  4. the industry
    Les Moonves Issues Statement Denying ‘Untrue Allegations’ After CBS ExitThe CBS CEO resigned Sunday after the release of a New Yorker report detailing more sexual harassment and assault claims against him.
  5. the industry
    How Will Les Moonves’ Exit Affect CBS?His fall after three decades in the showbiz stratosphere is unquestionably a milestone moment. But will it make much of a difference?
  6. tca 2018
    Top CBS Exec Defends ‘Welcoming and Safe Culture’ Despite Moonves AllegationsThe head of CBS Entertainment says they’re committed to a “collaborative, inclusive and safe workplace.”
  7. metoo
    Brad Kern and the House That Moonves Built at CBS“When he [Brad Kern] was not fired… it seemed to me that Les must be enabling this kind of behavior.”
  8. the industry
    Will Les Moonves Hang On to His Job?And what happens to CBS if he doesn’t?
  9. the industry
    Leslie Moonves Replaces Longtime Boss Sumner Redstone As CBS ChairmanThe most powerful man in television just got a little more powerful. 
  10. Leslie Moonves on 20 Years at CBS“We do terrific shows … For CBS to adapt? That’s totally the wrong word.”
  11. upfronts 2013
    Why the Upfronts Are Still Important (But Probably Won’t Be Forever)There’s a reason the networks spend so much on shrimp and Stoli every spring, and it’s not that they like to party.
  12. the 3-d revolution
    Moonves Claims 3-D TV Hasn’t ‘Knocked Him Out’ YetCBS prez doesn’t think it’s “economically viable” in near term.
  13. April Fools: Les Moonves Replaces Big Bang Theory With Two and a Half WomenCBS prez Les Moonves took this advantage of this April Fools’ Day to make the surprise announcement of his network’s fake fall schedule.
  14. tv
    So, Did CSI: Miami End Up Beating Jay Leno by ‘a Lot’?In a word, yes.
  15. managing for margins
    CBS Wins 2008–2009 TV Ratings Race, While NBC Places FourthGood thing Ben Silverman is “managing for margins and not for ratings.”
  16. upfronts
    NBC Upfronts: Ben Silverman Declares War on Repeats, Makes Peace With ObamaPerhaps most surprising of all, he restrained himself from going off on Nikki Finke!
  17. decisions decisions decisions
    What Does the Future Hold for Showtime?The network just passed on four high-profile pilots they ordered, leaving them in a development hole.
  18. beef
    Sumner Redstone Doesn’t Fear Jay Leno, Not One BitSumner may be ancient, but he’s still as feisty as a 70-year-old.
  19. drama
    CBS Warns Its Stars That If They Take a Pay Raise, Their Co-Stars Are ToastWe’re holding out for a hero!
  20. beef
    Les Moonves Has Got David Caruso’s BackCan Leno at 10 p.m. top CSI? Ain’t no way!