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  1. communique
    Read the Letter That Convinced Coldplay to Give ‘Yellow’ to Crazy Rich AsiansWho said USPS was a dying medium.
  2. to all the boys i've loved before
    Should You Write That Love Letter? Consult These 9 Movies First.Ahead of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, we take a closer look at films about love letters to learn a few things about putting our hearts to pen.
  3. Damon Lindelof Calls His Watchmen a ‘Remix’ and Compares It to the BibleHe says the graphic novel is his “Old Testament.”
  4. feedback
    Lola Kirke Wrote a Letter to the Editor Over The New Yorker’s Gemini Review“I am disappointed by Anthony Lane’s glib criticism of my character’s appearance in the film Gemini.”
  5. Inky’s Letter, by Barbara Holm My Dearest Clyde, I lay pen to pixelated paper on day 487,000 of this desolate bloodshed. Every treacherous battle is the same. My brethren […]
  6. Congratulations, You Have Been Invited To Hawktoberfest, by Dan Caprera Dear Mr. Kensington, It is with great joy that I tender to you my deepest and sincerest “congratulations.” Over the past few decades, you […]
  7. Letter of Recommendation, by Barbara Holm In my efforts to search for a new job, I’ve solicited a letter of recommendation from someone who knows me best. To Whom It May Concern, I […]
  8. Meeting One of Andy Kaufman’s Earliest MentorsA beloved teacher of Andy’s whose role, however small, seems significant, and whose encouragement helped to set him on a path to his artistic destiny.
  10. The Student, by Julien Darmoni Dear Anton, Our parents, though they are dead to me, often remarked upon my sullen nature as a child. So somber, so soon! It was as if I […]
  11. communique
    Letter From Paul McCartney to Prince Sold“Dear Princely person …”
  12. letters
    The Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Department Has Some Words for Fiona AppleUh-oh.
  13. letters
    Russell Simmons Has Some Choice Words for Rihanna’s Exes“Get off Rihanna’s D*ck!”
  14. letters
    Sinead O’Connor Explains Her BreakdownIn an open letter.
  15. letters
    Patrick Stump Is Having a Hard TimeAnd writing letters about it on the Internet.
  16. alphabet
    Watch ABCinema, an Alphabetic Journey Through FilmLook at all the letters! So pretty!
  17. How to Get People to Stop Ignoring You: The Douglas Adams MethodNext time you are trying to work on a project with someone and they aren’t giving you any information about how to improve it, just do what […]
  18. letters
    The Princess Bride LettersThousands of readers wrote to William Goldman’s publisher for a lost Princess Bride scene that never existed.
  19. clickables
    Read Damon Lindelof’s Love Letter to Raiders of the Lost Ark“I remember with great clarity the last time I peed my pants.”
  20. Graham Chapman’s Ridiculous LettersToday, Letters of Note has two correspondences from Monty Python’s Graham Chapman, both of which are totally ridiculous and wonderful for […]
  21. clickables
    Read a Collection of Oprah E-mails Mistakenly Sent to Opera Software“Hi opera, I am nine years old, I was just wondering if you could send me some tickets to a Hannah Montana show.”
  22. clickables
    Read 17-Year-Old Zooey Deschanel’s Feisty Letter to VogueTell ‘em, Zooey.
  23. clickables
    Read a Sweet 12-Year-Old’s Outraged Letter to ‘Mr. Dumbledore’“I recently turned 12. My chance is over.”
  24. clickables
    Read Marlon Brando’s Scatological Birthday Note to 26-Year-Old Charlie SheenSled dog urine is very rare.
  25. clickables
    Read Tommy Lee’s Real Letter to Sea World Concerning Whale MasturbationIn a super-snazzy font.
  26. Christopher Walken’s Letter to His Fans Is Just GreatThis is a letter from Christopher Walken to the members of his fanclub, type written and mailed out in August of ‘04. It is very charming, […]
  27. A Form Letter To Your Friends Regarding Their New TV ShowsDear [Friend Name], Hey, [Buddy/Dude/You]. I know we haven’t seen much of each other since you began working on [Show Name], and [Bar Show […]
  28. agenda
    Noël Coward’s Letters: Smoking Jacket PreferredNoël Coward’s letters are a roll call of twentieth-century literary, theatrical, and cinematic big shots.