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Lex Luthor

  1. chat room
    Jon Cryer Can’t Believe He’s Playing Lex Luthor on Supergirl“To this day, I’m not 100 percent sure why they asked me.”
  2. supervillains
    Jesse Eisenberg Discusses Lex Luthor’s ReturnHe says he loves all the people working on Justice League. That’s nice.
  3. new yorker festival
    Jesse Eisenberg May Stalk You, But He Won’t Get Stoned With YouAlso, he had fun turning the cartoony villain Lex Luthor into a scary reality.
  4. movies
    Here’s Your First Look at Lex Luthor, Tech Bro, in Batman v Superman“If you guys were the destroyers of Metropolis, you would have destroyed Metropolis.”
  5. batman v superman dawn of justice
    Try to Imagine Jesse Eisenberg Balder Than He Is As Lex Luthor — You Will FailA first look. 
  6. casting couch
    Jesse Eisenberg to Play Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s Batman-Superman MovieJeremy Irons to take over the role of Batman’s Alfred.