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    A Day With Ben Whishaw, From Diner Coffee to Onstage ScarsWhen he’s not acting on Broadway, the Crucible star leads a relatively quotidian New York existence
  2. life in pictures
    Photos: British Punk Band Savages Takes BrooklynThe burgeoning all-female foursome brunches in Williamsburg and gets silly during sound check.
  3. vulture on broadway
    Life in Pictures: Sting, on Broadway for the First Time in 20 YearsHe’s The Last Ship’s songwriter — and unexpected star.
  4. vulture on set
    Life in Pictures: Tim Burton, on the Set of Big EyesHis film about the “complicated, weird relationship” between painter Walter Keane and his wife, Margaret. 
  5. life in pictures
    Life in Pictures: Wendy WhelanA prima ballerina’s farewell, from final bow to bedtime.
  6. life in pictures
    Life in Pictures: David HallbergThe American Ballet Theatre dancer fills his days with plank stretches and stacks of pancakes.
  7. life in pictures
    Life in Pictures: Solange KnowlesPhotographer Charlotte Hornsby followed her for four days, from the Louisiana countryside to SXSW.
  8. life in pictures
    Life in Pictures: Marc MaronInside the garage where the comedian and star of Maron records the “WTF” podcast.
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    Life in Pictures: Gustavo DudamelThe Los Angeles Philharmonic’s wunderkind director spends his jam-packed days conducting, composing, and schmoozing.
  10. life in pictures
    Life in Pictures: Jackie CollinsThe romance novelist’s Beverly Hills days are filled with drugstore splurges, gossipy lunches, and shirtless men.
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    Life in Pictures: Jemima KirkeMommy groups, naked groping, Shabbat dinner.
  12. music
    Life in Pictures: St. VincentThe indie musician gets some rare downtime in New York before the touring onslaught for her fifth album, St. Vincent.