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  1. kill your darlings
    The Mark of True Movie Stardom? Getting Killed Off EarlyIt takes a delicate balance to kill off your biggest star early in a movie.
  2. your box office explained
    Even Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Can’t Make an Original Film a Hit NowBad news for fans of original films.
  3. the sense of an ending
    Life Isn’t a Venom Prequel — But Wouldn’t It Be Better If It Was?You have to admire the ending’s big swing.
  4. movie review
    Movie Review: Life Is a Passable Alien ImitationIt’s Alien for short attention spans, or Arrival for non-pacifists.
  5. last night on late night
    Jake Gyllenhaal Is Trying Really Hard to Prove He and Ryan Reynolds Are FriendsSomeone option this love story.
  6. spring preview 2017
    Spring Movie Preview: Colossal, Sleight, Fast 8 and 7 More Intriguing FilmsA break between awards season and summer’s extravaganzas.
  7. trailer mix
    New Life Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Find Life on MarsMove over, Passengers.
  8. Please Consider These Edits to My Obituary, by Zachary Clark Dear family, First, I want to thank you all for writing my obituary. It’s a truly thoughtful and moving first draft, a great start. I just […]
  9. tv
    How Other Homeland Actors Seem to Be Playing Variations on Their Old CharactersIt’s more than just Carie having traces of Angela Chase; the show also owes a little something to ‘Life’ and ‘Dead Like Me.’
  10. satisfaction
    Keith Richards Says Mick Jagger Has a ‘Tiny Todger’And that’s one of the nicer things he says in his autobiography!
  11. 17 Comedians Who Died Too YoungLife has a depressing gallery of 17 groundbreaking comedians who died while in their prime. [via]
  12. life
    Life Introduces the Star-Nosed MoleThey’re portable in a purse, strange enough to impress, and useful as bait-catchers.
  13. tv
    Read a Collection of Reasons Why People Hate Oprah’s Life Narration“It’s basically like ‘Heeeere comes the fox! UH OH!!’”
  14. life
    Oprah narrarates the sexy times in LifeIn ‘Life,’ we get quite a lot of Oprah-narrated sex. And it’s kind of awkward.
  15. movies
    See Twenty Never-Before-Seen Pictures of Steve McQueenOf course he had a tiger-skin rug.
  16. ben silverman
    What’s Up With Chuck?Relax! It’s probably coming back.
  17. quote machine
    LSD-Tripping Puppetmaster Hits ‘Heroes’Plus: Sci-Fi Network shows aren’t just for kids trapped in their parents’ basement, and Britney’s feeling “inspired.”
  18. apropos of nothing
    NBC Orders New Episodes of ‘Chuck’ and ‘Life’ — Now If Only Someone Could Write ThemNBC announced today that they’re picking up Chuck and Life for a full season, making those shows only the second and third new series after ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money to be granted a back-nine order since the start of the writers’ strike.