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  1. vulture lists
    The 20 Best Movies About American PresidentsWatch them after you vote.
  2. Every Steven Spielberg Movie, RankedFrom Jaws to his latest, Ready Player One, see where each of the director’s major works falls.
  3. a long talk
    George Saunders Discusses Lincoln in the Bardo, His Offbeat Debut Novel“America is this really cool idea that has never gotten its shit together 100 percent.”
  4. George Saunders’s New Novel — His First — Is Very, Very WeirdIt’s narrated by a gaggle of ghosts speaking to us from the Tibetan Buddhist limbo.
  5. parodies
    Ellen Spoofs Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln AdsShe was in the backseat, high on pot brownies.
  6. oscars conspiracy theories
    Congressman Laughs Off Oscar Conspiracy TheoryConnecticut Representative Joe Courtney insists that he’s not working for Ben Affleck.
  7. your box office explained
    Box Office Explained: Best Pic Noms Score BigExcept for Django.
  8. oscars 2013
    Oscars: Can Anything Beat Lincoln Now?Your move, Silver Linings Playbook.
  9. screenwriting
    The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Tony Kushner on Lincoln“I wrote, literally, about a hundred different versions of the scene.”
  10. slogans run
    Let’s Give the Oscar Hopefuls Snappier TaglinesArgo: “Faking a Movie in Iran? Shah, Right!” It sells itself!
  11. awards
    Lincoln Leads BAFTA NominationsFollowed by Life of Pi and Les Misérables.
  12. party chat
    Steven Spielberg Knows Lincoln’s Rotten Tomatoes Score91 percent … “
  13. rejection letter
    How Daniel Day-Lewis First Turned Down the Role of LincolnA letter: classic Lincoln.
  14. movies
    Your Box Office Explained: Why Skyfall Won’t FallIt and Lincoln have lured in a very important — and long-tailed — older audience.
  15. weekend box office
    Skyfall Is Back on Top of the Box OfficeWith Rise of the Guardians coming in second, if you can believe it.
  16. class is in session
    Which Lincoln Movie Will Help You Write Your Term Paper?Your handy guide to not reading and still getting a B-.
  17. exclusive screenings
    Senate Invites Steven Spielberg to Screen Lincoln in the Senate ItselfIn the Senate itself. He’s expected to say yes.
  18. awards
    New York Film Critics Circle Awards AnnouncedMatthew McConaughey for Best Supporting Actor: all right, all right, all right.
  19. year in culture 2012
    David Edelstein’s Top Ten Movies of 2012An unexpectedly modern Lincoln, the mercilessly gripping Zero Dark Thirty, the happy submission of Pitch Perfect, and more.
  20. box office gold
    Thanksgiving Box Office Has Best Weekend EverTwilight in first place again certainly helped.
  21. last night on late night
    The Happiest Interview With Poehler and FallonPlus: Joseph Gordon Levitt received texts from Abraham Lincoln, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  22. chat room
    James Spader on His Eccentric Lincoln Character“I imagined him as a dandy in decay.”
  23. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Vampires, Bond, Lincoln — Everyone’s a Winner!It was a stellar box-office weekend.
  24. dispatches
    How Steven Spielberg’s Cinematographer Got These Eleven ShotsFrom Lincoln to A.I. to Schindler’s List.
  25. your box office explained
    Skyfall Makes It Rain With Biggest Bond Debut$87 million. In one weekend.
  26. profile
    Sally Field Spent a Decade Getting Into Character for Lincoln“I’m not that bold, I’m not that tenacious. I certainly hadn’t been feeling that way for the last fifteen years of my life.”
  27. lincoln
    Compare Every Lincoln Character to His Real-Life CounterpartPoint: Daniel Day Lewis.
  28. movie money
    Virginia Is So Psyched About LincolnLargely because of the copious dollars it brought into the state.
  29. vulture contests
    Win Tickets to an Early Screening of LincolnWe’re giving away five pairs of passes to an advance screening tomorrow in NYC.
  30. movie review
    Edelstein: Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln Is Splendid, MasterfulSpielberg should make a prequel to this movie.
  31. too close to call
    Would Bond Make a Better Lincoln or Would Lincoln Make a Better Bond?You decide!!!
  32. method acting
    Sally Field Just As Method As Daniel Day-Lewis, She Says“I always stay in character.”
  33. big fan
    Daniel Day-Lewis’s Lincoln Is a Big Mad Men FanJoin the club, Abe.
  34. impressions
    Daniel Day-Lewis Talks About His Surprisingly High-Pitched Lincoln VoiceSadly, he didn’t mention Rose from Titanic or Grandpa Simpson.
  35. poetry
    Six Lincoln Limericks to Text Your Loved Ones“There once was a man named Abe Lincoln/ Whose Union was rapidly shrinkin’ … “
  36. lol
    Daniel Day-Lewis Now Texting His Co-stars in CharacterLimericks, of course.
  37. premieres
    Lincoln Will Premiere Monday at the New York Film FestivalA month earlier than its planned premiere.
  38. burning questions
    So, Who Does Daniel Day-Lewis Sound Like in Lincoln?Maybe a little bit like “Old Rose” from Titanic?
  39. trailer mix
    The Debate Night Lincoln Trailer: Clothed in Immense PowerDaniel Day-Lewis shows some fire.
  40. chat room
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Looper, Lincoln, and Mustaches“I wasn’t interested in playing it like I was young Bruce Willis, the actor from Moonlighting.”
  41. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Led by Lincoln?The race begins!
  42. lincoln
    Hear Jimmy Fallon Dub Over the Lincoln Trailer As Pee-wee HermanWell done, Jimmy Fallon.
  43. lincoln
    Check Out New Stills From LincolnChin up, Sally!
  44. trailer mix
    Lincoln Trailer: Steven Spielberg’s Civil WarGet a look at Daniel Day-Lewis in character.
  45. fall movie preview 2012
    Fall Movie Preview: Five Burly Box Office Face-OffsLincoln vs. Bond, Cruise vs. Osama, Perry vs. Ghosts.
  46. lincoln
    See a Clip From Lincoln“Civil war, blaaaargh!”
  47. clickables
    See Daniel Day-Lewis on Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln PosterIt’s coming out in a little over two months.
  48. lincoln
    See the First Official Photo of Daniel Day-Lewis in LincolnPlease don’t shoot!
  49. release dates
    Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln Finally Gets Release DateJust after the election.
  50. lincoln
    See a New Picture of Daniel Day-Lewis As Abraham LincolnAnd, suddenly, Lincoln’s a looker!
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