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    Dave Chappelle on Prince’s Legacy: ‘He Literally Was a Sign of the Times’Read an excerpt from Chappelle’s liner notes for the Sign o’ the Times reissue.
  2. Father John Misty Says ‘Bedding Taylor Swift’ Line Is About His Concerns Over VR“If you don’t think that this virtual reality thing isn’t going to turn into sex with celebrities, then you’re kidding yourself.”
  3. frank ocean
    Frank Ocean Reveals More in Blonde Liner NotesFour months later, there’s still more to learn.
  4. Who Is Each Song on Taylor Swift’s 1989 About?We’ll give you a hint: His name rhymes with “Marry Niall.”
  5. liner notes
    Don Draper’s ‘Mad Men’ BookshelfWhat books about guys just like Don Draper might Matthew Weiner have dug into for period detail?
  6. liner notes
    How They Made ‘Speed Racer’ Look Like ThatCheck out Vulture’s exclusive slideshow conversation with the effects wizards who made it happen.
  7. liner notes
    The Wire Finale’s Montage: A Shot-by-Shot CommentaryA Talmudic look.
  8. liner notes
    Who Drew Those Cool Little Taste Explosions in ‘Ratatouille’?With Ratatouille hitting No. 1 on the box-office charts this past weekend — though its $47 million take notably fell short of the openings of past Pixar hits Cars and Monsters, Inc. — animator and comics artist Michael Gagné sheds light on one tiny but delightful aspect of the film.
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    Annotated Artwork: Ripping and Shredding the Art MarketRon Rocheleau, the one-man editing machine behind the mid-nineties Public Access hit Concrete TV, is back with a solo debut at Chelsea’s Cristinerose. After a thirteen-year hiatus from galleries, Concrete Ron has abandoned the crash footage, porn tapes, and B-movie clips of his TV days.
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    Slideshow: The Homeless ‘Get Lost’ Show
  11. liner notes
    Roky Rocks Again
  12. liner notes
    Exclusive Slideshow: Tony-Nominated Designers, in Their Own Words … and Images