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Lip Synching

  1. lip-synching
    We Were All Misled About Jennifer Lawrence SingingThat House at the End of the Street clip is another singer’s voice.
  2. lip-synching
    Host of Norway’s Gylne Tider Explains All About That ‘Let It Be’ Video“The celebrities are chosen from a Norwegian point of view, based on TV series, movies, artists, sports legends that made a big impact in Norway.”
  3. christmas is ruined
    Did Boyz II Men Lip-Synch on TV Last Night?Maybe they’re just really good at throwing their voices?
  4. possible scandals
    Was Madonna Lip-synching During the ‘Hope for Haiti’ Telethon?Impossible to say for sure, but we’ve collected the evidence.
  5. Britney Rattled by False Reports That Fans Stormed Out on Her for Lip-SynchingShe does lip-synch, but did you really go to hear her sing? Or did you just go to see her be nutty? Because she does that like a champ.
  6. scandals
    American Idol Embroiled in Lip-sync-Controversy ShockerAll thanks to Sideshow Bob!