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  1. listen up
    Hear Julien Baker’s New Song, ‘Funeral Pyre’The sad-song wunderkind has had one hell of a year.
  2. listen up
    Playlist: The Songs Bruce Springsteen References in Born to RunThe deep cuts and classics. 
  3. listen up
    Listen to RHCP’s Latest Single, ‘We Turn Red’It’s the third single off Getaway.
  4. listen up
    YACHT Made Us the Ultimate NYC vs. L.A. PlaylistI see your Patti Smith anthem and raise you a Fleetwood Mac tune.
  5. listen up
    Every Song That Influenced Elvis Costello, According to His New MemoirPlus a deep dive into why Costello’s encyclopedic appreciation of music remains one of the defining characteristics of his discography.
  6. listen up
    The One Podcast to Start With, Across 24 TopicsThere are simply too many podcasts. Here’s where to start.
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    The 50 Best Playlists on Apple MusicApple Music subscribers, you’ve got a lot of listening to do.
  8. listen up
    Adam Scott and More Added to Vulture FestivalIncluding the Tony-nominated The Bridges of Madison County composer!
  9. radio vulture
    Lane Brown Talks About NYC Music History, DylanAs part of New York Magazine’s Annual Yesteryear Issue.
  10. radio vulture
    Listen to Jody Rosen Talk About 1920s New York City Music on WNYC’s ‘Soundcheck’As part of New York Magazine’s Annual Yesteryear Issue.
  11. radio vulture
    Listen to Rosen Talk About NYC Musical HistoryIt’s partly because of all the striving artists that have passed through.
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    Hear Sia’s New Desperation Party Jam ‘Chandelier’“Party girls don’t get hurt.”
  13. Betty White Signs Two-Book DealFor a memoir and a posing-with-animals book.