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  1. listen up
    Hear Julien Baker’s New Song, ‘Funeral Pyre’The sad-song wunderkind has had one hell of a year.
  2. listen up
    Playlist: The Songs Bruce Springsteen References in Born to RunThe deep cuts and classics. 
  3. listen up
    Listen to RHCP’s Latest Single, ‘We Turn Red’It’s the third single off Getaway.
  4. listen up
    The 50 Best Playlists on Apple MusicApple Music subscribers, you’ve got a lot of listening to do.
  5. radio vulture
    Lane Brown Talks About NYC Music History, DylanAs part of New York Magazine’s Annual Yesteryear Issue.
  6. Betty White Signs Two-Book DealFor a memoir and a posing-with-animals book.