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    Critics Didn’t Sweat Michelle’s Prose Style — They Just Wanted No-Drama ObamaThey found her big-money memoir, Becoming, a refreshing return to executive restraint.
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    Barbara Kingsolver Takes Aim at the Trump Era, and Critics Shoot BackUnsheltered isn’t getting much love for plumbing white middle-class insecurity in our time.
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    Michael Lewis’s The Fifth Risk Breaks Through the Trump Book NoiseIn a stormy season of Trump exposés, Lewis’s explainer of government (dys)function earns the highest praise.
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    Karl Ove Knausgaard’s Struggle Is Over, But the Critical Debate Lives OnThe question undergirding nearly every review of the now-complete series is whether he regrets that his quest for truth upended his entire family.
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    The Books Most Everyone Will Be Arguing About This FallIn a special, forward-looking seasonal edition of Lit Parade.
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    Lisa Brennan-Jobs’s Memoir Is the Sleeper Critical Hit of the SeasonIn our second installment of Lit Parade, a look at a memoir by Steve Jobs’s daughter with literary chops that caught critics by surprise.
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    Nico Walker’s Cherry Got Near-Universal PraiseThis is the first installment of Lit Parade, a Vulture guide to what the book world is writing, talking, and getting exercised about.