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  1. harry potter
    J.K. Rowling Signs Deal for New Novel for AdultsMiss U, Harry Potter.
  2. news reel
    Inside Tom Wolfe’s $7 Million Book Proposal“They, like all people, all people everywhere, have but one last thing on their minds — Back to blood!
  3. news reel
    So How Much Money Does It Take to Convince Tom Wolfe to Ditch His Publisher of 43 Years?Yeah, if we were Jonathan Galassi, we wouldn’t pay that either.
  4. the take
    Tom Wolfe Ditches FSG for More Money at Little, BrownHow much money does it take to get a guy to abandon his publishing house of 43 years?
  5. the industry
    Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, Reunited and It Feels So GoodPlus industry news on Natalie Portman, Mike Nichols, and that racist bastard Tintin.
  6. the take
    Keith Richards’s Memoir Sells to Little, BrownLittle, Brown announced today that they were the winning bidders for Keith Richards’s memoir, shelling out a reported $7.3 million for the book, to be published in 2010.
  7. the early word
    Book Expo GalleyWatch: Which Fall Books Got the Biggest Push?