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Little Women

  1. You Might Be Getting a BBC Little Women Miniseries Co-Starring Angela LansburyOur one beauty, back at it again.
  2. inevitable comparisons
    How Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Is Just Like Little WomenIf only Rory were more like Jo.
  3. the industry
    The CW Is Making a ‘Hyper-Stylized, Gritty’ Reboot of Little WomenRuining the childhood of every 160-year-old.
  4. reboots
    Sarah Polley and Amy Pascal Will Team Up to Remake Little WomenLouisa May Alcott gets her reboot. 
  5. comparative lit
    Girls and Little Women: How Hannah Horvath Is Like Jo MarchJo March and Hannah Horvath are both the voices of their generations, or of a generation.