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  1. beyoncé presents: the lion king
    Beyoncé Is in The Lion King for About 20 Minutes. Here’s Everything She Does.Your bush-baby brain will crumble every time Nala’s lines even vaguely come off like a song lyric.
  2. burning qs
    Where Is Mushu? And Five Other Questions About the Mulan TrailerIs she as swift as the coursing river?
  3. trailer mix
    Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Trailer: She’ll Make a Man Out of YouIt’s her duty to fight.
  4. unfortunate souls
    Melissa McCarthy in Talks to Play Ursula in Live-Action Little Mermaid MovieOur thoughts are with Lizzo today.
  5. A Live-Action Snow White Is in the Works at DisneyWith new songs from the La La Land lyricists.
  6. ‘Futurama’ Gets the Live-Action Treatment with the Very Impressive Trailer […]If the Simpsons porn parody is any indication, transforming Matt Groening’s cartoon worlds into live-action worlds yields incredibly bizarre […]
  7. peter pan
    Disney’s Making a Live-Action Peter Pan MovieDavid Lowery will direct.
  8. the industry
    A Live-Action Aladdin Prequel Is on the Way From DisneyIt will be called Genies.
  9. The ‘South Park’ Boys Finally Returned to Reality Last NightLast night’s South Park episode “Grounded Vindaloop” saw the crew exploring the virtual reality world of Oculus, but the real treat came during […]
  10. A Live Action Version of ‘Futurama’s’ Opening Sequence, Kind Of Futurama Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Sure this is cool, if not super cool but when I read “live action”, I […]
  11. live action
    Live-Action Aladdin and Toy Story#savewoody
  12. movies
    Is This the First Image From the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?Raphael looks scary.