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  1. vulture lists
    The 12 Most Essential 30 Rock Episodes to Watch on HuluTina Fey’s groundbreaking sitcom is now streaming on Hulu.
  2. the quote quiz
    Can You Guess Famous 30 Rock Quotes From Just a GIF or Freeze-Frame?This week, we’re all about Liz Lemon and her crew.
  3. suck it nerds!
    Watch a Supercut of Exasperated Liz Lemon’s Best ‘Blergs,’ ‘Nerds,’ and ‘Jags’Thank you for adding to our vocabulary over the past seven seasons, Liz.
  4. Watch Tina Fey Show You Liz Lemon’s Office NBC just put out this video of Tina Fey giving a tour of Liz Lemon’s office on the 30 Rock set, which has more pictures of Ghostface Killah […]
  5. clickables
    Let Tina Fey Give You a Tour of Liz Lemon’s OfficeMeet old tape-mouthey.
  6. weddings!
    Let’s Help Plan the 30 Rock and Parks and Rec WeddingsLeslie and Ben will have to serve waffles.
  7. weddings!
    Liz Lemon Will Be Marrying Criss on 30 Rock Later This MonthOn the November 29 episode of 30 Rock.
  8. These Crests for Beloved, Ass-Kicking Female TV Characters Are Worth BuyingWomen: They’re just better.
  9. 30 rock
    You’ve Been Waiting Forever for This: A Liz Lemon SoundboardYou want to go to there.
  10. Hey Tina Fey, Who Is That Baby You’re Holding on the set of ‘30 Rock’?This photo was tweeted by 30 Rock writer Jack Burditt with the caption: “Back on the Plaza. #30RockSeason7” Who is that baby and why is Tina […]
  11. dance moves
    Watch Tina Fey’s Step-by-Step Guide to Liz Lemon Dance MagicIt starts in the core, eventually reaches the limbs, and turns “martial and military.”
  12. Is Liz Lemon Benjamin Buttoning?“Over the course of six seasons, Jack has been fully transformed into a condescending, all-knowing daddy, and Liz has been fully transformed […]
  13. See an Ad for Liz Lemon’s Shower HamWe used her idea.
  14. 30 rock
    Watch Tina Fey Rehearse Dance MovesDon’t count Liz Lemon out just yet!
  15. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Alec Baldwin Dishes on Tina Fey’s ConquestsAnd Jon Stewart pulls a Britney, on our regular late-night roundup.
  16. late night
    Tina Fey Admits She’s a ‘Sliding Doors Version’ of Liz LemonThe actress tells the BBC’s Jonathan Ross about her doppelgängers, Liz Lemon and Sarah Palin.
  17. spoilers
    Dot Com Spills a 30 Rock Finale Spoiler to Local News Reporter“Last week’s episode planted the seed … “
  18. ‘That’s a Dealbreaker, Ladies’: The BookIn real life it’s called ‘Undateable’ and it’s less amusing.
  19. Is 30 Rock a Rip-off of The Muppet Show?Writer Brian Lynch lays out a convincing argument.
  20. theories
    Liz Lemon, Stealth Conservative?Is the show really about the “viability of liberal ideals and the allure of a pragmatic, colder-eyed conservatism”?
  21. vulture fantasy weddings
    Your First Look at 30 Rock’s Ice-Cream-Making Don DraperSo how will Liz Lemon screw this one up?
  22. awesome
    Don Draper to Date Liz Lemon!Jon Hamm is in ‘advanced talks’ to appear in multiple upcoming episodes of ‘30 Rock’ — as Tina Fey’s love interest!