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Lizzie Borden

  1. friday night movie club
    The Still-Burning Fire of Born in FlamesA failed progressive regime demands collective action to meet the people’s needs. Hmm …
  2. movies
    The Problem With ‘Reimagining’ Lizzie BordenIt’s been 126 years since someone took an ax — and we’re still obsessed with “fresh” takes on Lizzie Borden’s story.
  3. the industry
    Chloë Sevigny Will Take an Ax, Give Someone Who’s Not Kristen Stewart 40 WhacksSevigny will play Lizzie Borden in a new film by Pieter Van Hees.
  4. trailer mix
    Watch a Teaser for Lifetime’s Lizzie Borden MovieChristina Ricci stars.
  5. chloe sevigny
    Chloë Sevigny Will Play Lizzie BordenIn a new mini-series produced by Tom Hanks.