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  1. last night on late night
    Hasan Minhaj Breaks Down Why We Need to Save Local Newspapers From Extinction“We need to treat them like the essential services they are.”
  2. weather reports
    Chance the Rapper Dropped by to Deliver Chicago Weather ReportForecast: cloudy with a Chance.
  3. last night on late night
    John Oliver Warns That Local News Is At Risk of an Extreme Conservative TakeoverThe days of trusting your local station for in-depth crime and weather reports, and little else, may soon be numbered.
  4. Watch ‘Christmas Tree Expert’ Joe Pera’s Delightfully Soothing and Awkward […]Joe Pera returns to Adult Swim this week with another relaxing special called Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree, and to […]
  5. stuff blake shelton does
    B. Shelton Uses Tractor to Save Men in Oklahoma This is one way to lend a hand.
  6. fandom overload
    You Will Not Be Able to Visit the Goonies House AnymoreCancel your trip, cancel your childhood. Cry for the rest of your life.
  7. roll clip!
    This Celebrity-Interview Supercut Is a Near Overdose of AwkwardDeliciously awkward, that is?
  8. local news
    T.J. Miller Hilariously Terrorized a Local News Station in DetroitCan we start calling him a national treasure now?
  9. Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Humiliate a Reporter on Live TVLocal Denver news reporter Chris Parente is probably used to pretending he’s seen certain movies for his job, and at the top of his recent […]
  10. candy
    People Still Can’t Pronounce Lupita Nyong’o’s Name“Lew-PEET-uh en-YON-go.”
  11. Will Ferrell Did a North Dakota Local Newscast, Called Some Women’s […] The Anchorman 2 marketing blitz continued this weekend, with Will Ferrell appearing in character as Ron Burgundy for both an entire North […]
  12. Conan Reveals the Utter Lack of Creativity in Local Newscasts Apparently Mike Myers is having a baby, and every newscast in America felt compelled to report on it. In exactly the same way.
  13. supercut
    Watch Tons of Local News Anchors Report on Mike Myers’s Baby Identically“Yeah, baby!”
  14. last night on late night
    3 Ways ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ Affected Jessica ParéPlus: The first thing AJ Clemente, the disgraced potty-mouthed anchor, did after he got fired, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. Is Comedy Bar NYC Too Similar to Toronto’s Comedy Bar?There’s a local comedy dispute a-brewin’ in Toronto and New York. Third Beat Magazine has observed that a new comedy club called Comedy Bar […]
  16. news bloopers
    Watch Thirteen Minutes of the Best News Bloopers of 2012’Twas the year of Sweet Brown!
  17. Watch a Silly Cincinnati Traffic Anchor’s Year in Stupid On-air DancingDance, Bob, dance!
  18. Dog Learns How to Use DoorbellAnd just $30!
  19. Chris Hardwick Finds His New Calling as a Weatherman Already a podcast mogul and a geek culture demi-god, Chris Hardwick can now add “America’s best weatherman” to his jam-packed resumé.
  20. Watch a News Anchor’s Surprise Wedding ProposalWell, isn’t that cute?
  21. news bloopers
    Dazed and Confused Passerby Keeps Austin Weird in Local News GaffeEverything’s weirder in Texas.
  22. hurricane sandy
    Hurricane Sandy Brings Out the Shirtless Horseman (to a Local News Report)You can’t stop a jogger!
  23. news bloopers
    Watch a Cat Sabotage a Local News ReportInvoluntary Cat Lady win!
  24. sweet brown
    Meet Your New Local News Viral Superstar, Sweet BrownTake your marks, meme-lovers! Sweet Brown is your new favorite thing.
  25. news bloopers
    Watch an Anchorwoman’s Freudian SlipThird time’s a charm.
  26. anchorman
    Watch a Weatherman Fall Prey to an Anchorman Prank“I love lamp” in real life!
  27. local news
    Check Out Your Requisite Daily Local News BlooperSomewhere in Detroit, things just got weird.
  28. viral videos
    Decide Whether This Reporter Is Drunk On-AirDon’t drink and drive. Also, don’t drink and then try to casually toss to Weather.
  29. local news
    Watch a News Report About Booze-Soaked TamponsBack in my day, we just used to drink beer right out of the can. Boy oh boy, how times have changed.
  30. See a Reporter Wear a Grape Suit Like a ProReporter Pat Collins is a total fruit, but how else is he supposed to get this kind of story?
  31. clickables
    Watch a Local News Report Totally Break Down Over a Tarantula“Dude, that thing shoots hair at you. It’s got fangs.”
  32. Gary Vosot, Local Newsman For Hire Being a local newscaster is not easy, especially when you’re the one they send out to the field to report on less-than-newsworthy events. But […]
  33. Seth Green Receives Key To New Orleans For Excellence In Rally’s […] Was 1991 a particularly slow news year? Or did we just miss out on the rampant Seth Green fever that swept through the Gulf states during the […]
  34. This Craig Rowin Million Dollars Thing Is Getting Absurd […]
  35. clickables
    Watch Everything Go Wrong on the Local NewsDuring an 11 a.m. newscast near San Diego.
  36. beef
    What Would You Rather Watch: Leno or Local News?Boston affiliate WHDH is engaged in a hilarious standoff with NBC over Jay Leno’s upcoming prime-time debut.