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  1. vulture lists
    All 12 X-Men Movies, RankedFeaturing Deadpool, Wolverine, Dark Phoenix, and so many blue people.
  2. Janelle Monáe Steps Into Her Bisexual LightingThe queerness of “Make Me Feel” is explicit, ecstatic, and self-directed.
  3. oscars 2018
    Logan’s Oscar Nomination Is a Significant BreakthroughIt’s proof that superhero cinema doesn’t need to play so safe.
  4. wga awards
    Lady Bird, Logan Score WGA Nominations; The Post Snubbed“What if this is the best version?”
  5. What’s New on HBO: December 2017Don’t miss Logan. It’s one of the best superhero movies ever made.
  6. The Best Movies of 2017 (So Far)Including Get Out, Baby Driver, and The Beguiled.
  7. the industry
    Millie Bobby Brown Could’ve Been Your X-23 in LoganShe considered it her best audition ever.
  8. Watch Hugh Jackman Describe Filming His Last Scene As Logan▶️ After 17 years, Jackman is saying good-bye to the iconic superhero role.
  9. a history of violence
    Movies Are More Violent Than Ever Before, and It’s AmazingIf you have an appetite for high body counts, fight choreography, and onscreen savagery, Hollywood might finally be meting out enough punishment.
  10. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Have a Long History of Trolling Each OtherVIDEO: “You gave us Wolverine. And for that, I can’t forgive you.”
  11. your box office explained
    2017 Is Horror’s Best Year at the Box Office in a Long TimeIn Get Out and Split, the genre has already seen two $100 million grossers.
  12. This May Be the Best Reason to Watch LoganVIDEO: Those claws …
  13. vulture lists
    13 Non-Superhero Films That Influenced LoganThe new Wolverine film draws extensively from the Western, the American road movie, and dystopian sci-fi.
  14. logan
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of LoganDid it make you cry?
  15. chat room
    Logan Director James Mangold Talks Trump’s Influence on the Film“You can’t have interesting movies if you tell a filmmaker, ‘Get in this bed and dream, but don’t touch the pillows or move the blankets.’”
  16. trailer mix
    Deadpool 2 Teaser: Wade Wilson Can Delay Seeing Logan If It Means Saving the DayDeadpool tries to channel Superman in a teaser scene that ran before Logan.
  17. logan
    Here’s What Legendary X-Men Writer Chris Claremont Thought About LoganHe was happy he got a special thanks at the end.
  18. logan
    Logan Director James Mangold Defends Film’s Ultraviolence“Is it okay when people are getting mowed down with machine guns, just because there’s less blood?”
  19. logan
    5 Comics to Read Before Seeing LoganMany of them are quite dark, as is appropriate.
  20. movie review
    Review: Logan Is So F*cking DarkI can’t remember the last time a blockbuster has left me so ravaged.
  21. literally strong female characters
    What’s Behind Pop Culture’s Love for Silent, Violent Little Girls?Why are our action heroines getting so young — and so quiet?
  22. black and white
    James Mangold Is Working on a Black-and-White Version of LoganThe film’s morality will remain gray.
  23. logan
    The History of the Comic That Inspired Logan and Revolutionized the Marvel Brand“Old Man Logan” is arguably the single most influential X-Men story of the past 25 years.
  24. happy trails
    Patrick Stewart Is Done Making X-Men Movies Because Logan Is Just That GoodRetiring in (bloody, hyper-violent) style.
  25. comic book movies
    What Logan Gets About Telling a Great Superhero StoryThe new Wolverine movie understands the ideas and beats necessary for a great superhero story.
  26. trailer mix
    Wolverine’s Claws Are Out in New Logan TrailerThings are looking bleak for these X-Men.
  27. logan
    Logan Might Not Exactly Sync With the X-Men Cinematic UniverseAccording to Hugh Jackman.
  28. trailer mix
    Lil’ Wolverine Strikes in New Logan Trailer Her name is Laura and she’ll eff you up.
  29. Ryan Reynolds and James Mangold Deny Deadpool’s Logan AppearanceLogan director James Mangold told fans Deadpool is “not in my film.”
  30. close reads
    Let’s Break Down the Logan TrailerSay hello to Wolverine’s little friend.
  31. trailer mix
    Wolverine Is So Very Sad in the Logan TrailerFeaturing a Johnny Cash score.
  32. logan
    Wolverine Gets a Wee Li’l Sidekick and a New Name in PosterCould this be a comics reference?