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  1. too much marvel
    Hawkeye Closes Out an Exhausting Year in Marvel TVDespite a strong start that’s looking more and more like an anomaly, Phase Four has begun to feel like an ongoing homework assignment.
  2. ip freely
    The Future of Entertainment Is Just More and More and More of ThisTwo critics wonder if Space Jam 2–style IP mining is a brief trend or something that could alter the entertainment timeline for good.
  3. key takeaways
    How Marvel’s New TV Triad Will Shape the MCU’s Next PhaseThe timelines may have split at the end of Loki, but everything is still connected in the world of the MCU.
  4. overnights
    Loki Season-Finale Recap: A Low-Key FinishA major antagonist reveal elegantly punctuates the show’s ideas about identity, both the ones people are born to and the ones they choose.
  5. vulture lists
    Marvel Villains, Ranked by HotnessWho watches the MCU for the plot?
  6. renewals
    Loki Season Two Exists on the Sacred TimelineThe Disney+ show announced its renewal in the most Marvel way: a mid-credits reveal.
  7. easter eggs
    Chris Hemsworth Had a Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Loki CameoAs Frog Thor, Throg.
  8. overnights
    Loki Recap: Which One of Us Are You?Loki and company navigate The Void that lies between us and this series’ endgame.
  9. overnights
    Loki Recap: The End of a Thousand WorldsThe narrative behind the TVA is revealed, and it’s truly repulsive.
  10. overnights
    Loki Recap: Lamentation ConfigurationAs Loki and Sylvie get to know each other, we get more questions about why exactly the TVA is chasing them.
  11. overnights
    Loki Recap: A Question of SuperiorityLoki’s first field mission confirms that the old tricks aren’t going to be enough this time around.
  12. overnights
    Loki Series-Premiere Recap: Continuity ViolationThe Asgardian deity of mischief gets a soft reset in a premiere that’s funny, mysterious, and appealingly weird.
  13. tv review
    Loki Is a Litmus Test for Marvel TVThe MCU’s third Disney+ series makes its debut as a playful storytelling variant, but can it sustain the fun?
  14. viewing guide
    Retracing Loki’s Journey Through the MCUThe new Disney+ series picks up with the villain turned antihero at a critical juncture in the timeline. Here’s what you need to remember.
  15. trailer mix
    Loki and Owen Wilson Are Time-Cop Frenemies in New TrailerLoki premieres on Disney+ June 11.
  16. casting
    Owen Wilson Ready to Oh Wow You in Disney+’s Loki ShowAlongside series star Tom Hiddleston.
  17. age of ultron
    Tom Hiddleston Explains Why Loki Wasn’t in Avengers: Age of Ultron“It was actually imbalancing people’s expectations.”
  18. benedict cumberbatch who?
    Watch Tom Hiddleston Sing Karaoke in a CarAnd have a dance-off with Fandral.
  19. review roundup
    Man, Critics Sure Do Love Loki in Thor 2Get a room.
  20. loki
    See Tom Hiddleston Yell at Some Children As LokiIt’s the cutest.
  21. tributes
    Mickey Rourke’s Feet Pay Tribute to His Late ChihuahuaWhatever it takes to get through the grieving process, we’re in favor of.