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Long Delayed Musical Opuses By Reclusive Crazy People

  1. detox
    A Dr. Dre/Jay-Z Single Is Really ComingJust ask Jimmy Iovine.
  2. detox
    Dr. Dre Palling Around With Rhys Darby, Not Working on DetoxHear Murray beatbox!
  3. detox
    Dr. Dre Spending His Time Suing People Over The Chronic, Not Working on DetoxDon’t worry, it’s a good thing.
  4. delays
    New Dr. Dre Song Is Actually an Old Dr. Dre SongSadly, this song with Snoop Dogg isn’t from ‘Detox,’ but on a brighter note it IS an outtake from ‘The Chronic.’
  5. the future
    Dr. Dre Working on Improving the Quality of Digital Music, Not on Detox“Whoever puts out things that sound bad shouldn’t be as cool as something that sounds great.”
  6. be a pepper
    Dr. Dre Shills, Unveils DetoxHear the first beats from ‘Detox’ while being advertised to!