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  1. looking back
    Ian McKellen Invites You to Read His Lord of the Rings Filming JournalDespite what he said on Extras, Sir Ian spent a lot of time working on becoming Gandalf.
  2. looking back
    Fantastic Four Director Josh Trank Reviews 2015’s Fantastic Four on Letterboxd“I was expecting it to be much worse than it was.”
  3. eastbound & down
    Steve Little Walks Us Through His Top 5 Eastbound & Down Episodes“Just looking at that journey, it’s really kind of insane.”
  4. looking back
    Moral Orel Paved the Way for the Depressing Cartoons of TodayTalking with Dino Stamatopoulos, Carolyn Lawrence, and Scott Adsit about the show that was too bleak even for Adult Swim.
  5. looking back
    10 Years Later, Is Burn After Reading Still Funny?The Coens deserve credit for predicting the future, but they deserve even more for turning the absurdity of their present into such brilliant comedy.
  6. movies
    Married To The Mob Is One Of Jonathan Demme’s Most Remarkable FilmsDemme stays true to a cartoonish premise while also crafting a story of a woman finding herself again.
  7. looking back
    Revisiting the Beatles’ Cartoon LSD Utopia Yellow SubmarineA children’s film about pacifism winning out over imperialist annihilation might seem odd, but after the Summer of Love, it made perfect sense.
  8. the obama years
    Considering the Novel in the Age of ObamaWhat the standout fiction of the last eight years can tell us about an art form, and a country, in flux.
  9. oscars 2016
    What It’s Like to Win an OscarEight winners reflect on the humdrum and the surreal.  
  10. looking back
    What Critics Said When Jon Stewart Took Over The Daily Show in 1999“Stewart, in the words of the common grade-school assessment, plays well with others.”
  11. looking back
    Stephen Colbert Was Late Night’s Most Passionate Book-NerdFor nine years, Colbert enlisted roughly two writers a week into a bizarre form of theater.
  12. looking back
    Colbert’s First Head Writer on the Show’s StartAllison Silverman on developing the character.
  13. taking stock
    The Highs and Lows of the 2014 Summer Movie SeasonIt’s time to put another summer movie season behind us.
  14. looking back
    The Enduring Uncoolness of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesHeroes in a half shell, corny power.
  15. looking back
    Hugh Jackman’s Reviews for the First X-Men MovieRemember the year 2000?
  16. looking back
    Gordon Willis Directed a Strange Film, WindowsOne curious corner of Willis’s filmography rarely gets discussed — his 1980 thriller Windows.
  17. looking back
    What Were People Saying About Colbert When His Show Debuted in 2005?“The hard truth is, every show doesn’t merit a spinoff.”
  18. looking back
    To Understand the Modern Crime Thriller, Watch Michael Mann’s ThiefMann’s 1981 debut is the forerunner of dozens of movies and TV shows.
  19. looking back
    Looking Back at Craig Robinson on Def Comedy Jam“It was extremely intimidating. Especially considering my style … Def Jam was mostly high-energy acts.” 
  20. looking back
    25 Years After Tipper Gore’s PMRC Hearings, the Opposing Sides Aren’t So Far ApartCyndi Lauper — whose “She Bop” was on the “Filthy Fifteen” — is shocked by what her son is listening to.