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  1. tv review
    Central Park Could Be Great If It Gets Out of Its Own WayThe Apple TV+ animated musical from Loren Bouchard and Josh Gad is working out the kinks, but has the potential to become an extremely endearing show.
  2. exclusively gad moment
    The Trailer for Central Park Asks, ‘What If Bob’s Burgers But All Songs?’The musical extravaGADza premieres May 29.
  3. the industry
    Fox Developing New Animated Show Called The Great North From Bob’s Burgers TeamThe project will feature the voice acting talents of Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Will Forte, and Jenny Slate.
  4. the industry
    An All-Star Voice Cast Will Lead Apple’s New Animated Series Central ParkFrom Loren Bouchard, the creator of Bob’s Burgers.
  5. Apple Orders Animated Musical Comedy ‘Central Park’ from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ […]While Amazon is turning to the talent at BoJack Horseman for its first-ever animated series, Apple is turning to the minds behind Bob’s […]
  6. bob's burgers
    All Right, All Riiiight: A Bob’s Burgers Movie Is Coming in 2020Can it please be a musical?
  7. Fox Renews ‘Bobs Burgers’ for a Seventh and Eighth SeasonLoren Bouchard’s Bob’s Burgers just got a double-season renewal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has officially renewed the animated […]
  8. burger time
    There Will Be a Bob’s Burgers CookbookAnd we’ve never been feta.
  9. The Cast of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Is Going on a Live Tour in MarchFox’s Bob’s Burgers is hitting the road. The show revealed today that creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard will join voice cast H. Jon […]
  10. food-based humor
    Bob’s Burgers Creator Loren Bouchard Explains the Art of Burger PunsHis personal favorite: the Is This Your Chard? Burger.
  11. Talking to Loren Bouchard About ‘Bob’s Burgers’, ‘Home Movies’, and […]Despite the occasional talking toilet, eight-year-old auteur, and Satanic family member, the works of Loren Bouchard are surprisingly grounded […]
  12. help me help you
    Watch the Bob’s Burgers Cast and Creator Jokingly Beg for PressAnd talk-show bookings.
  13. Jon Benjamin ‘Legtimately Annoyed’ by His Fellow ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Cast […]“I am legitimately annoyed by the other [Bob’s Burgers] actors a huge part of the time… Recording sessions for [creator] Loren [Bouchard]’s […]
  14. Listening to the DVD Commentary for Home Movies, ‘Get Away From My Mom’Columentary (title sadly not pending) is a weekly feature, in which I’ll listen to the commentary track of a sitcom, and divulge, through […]
  15. the industry
    Nicole Richie to Play a Sitcom Version of Nicole RichiePlus: Tom Cavanagh! ‘True Blood’! Cartoons!