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  1. podcasts
    Bravo Will Reportedly Turn Dirty John Podcast Into a Drama AnthologyMeanwhile, Oxygen has an unscripted Dirty John series in the works.
  2. cover art
    Jessica Chastain Criticizes Her ‘Sad’ Magazine Cover With Other White Actresses“It’s a sad look that there’s no WOC in this pic of us promoting our female lead films.”
  3. boycotts
    Film Critics’ Groups Bar Disney Movies From Awards Over L.A. Times BlackoutThe critics’ groups have released a joint statement denouncing the studio.
  4. the take
    How the Sean Combs Gaffe in the L.A. ‘Times’ Proves David Simon Right — and WrongJust like ‘The Wire’’s Scott Templeton, Chuck Philips is a hard-driving reporter with questions of impropriety in his past.