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Lost In Translation

  1. last night on late night
    Zaila Avant-garde Can Also Dribble While Spelling, You LosersPlus she met Bill Murray. What have you done?
  2. vulture lists
    Every Scarlett Johansson Movie Performance, RankedWith Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit gaining awards buzz, we look back at Johansson’s best (and worst) work.
  3. videology
    Shawn Mendes Remade Lost in Translation and No I Will Not RelaxWith 13 Reasons Why star Alisha Boe as his Charlotte.
  4. lost in translation
    Subtitle Issues Might Hurt Guardians of the Galaxy in ChinaPoor Groot.
  5. conspiracy theories
    Theories on What Bill Murray Whispered at the End of Lost in TranslationIn honor of the film coming out ten years ago today.
  6. Bill Murray Is Fine with Sean Penn Taking His Oscar“You could argue that Sean Penn didn’t deserve the Oscar for that movie [Mystic River], but he probably did for a couple of others that he […]
  7. clickables
    Read the Much-Improved Portuguese Titles for the Judd Apatow Canon’Knocked Up’ = ‘A Huge Bummer.’
  8. lost in translation
    International Audiences Doing All They Can to Encourage a Sequel to The TouristThe movie has grossed $200 million internationally.
  9. lost in translation
    Are American TV Execs As Crass As Episodes Makes Them Out to Be?Nope.
  10. kudos
    Beyoncé Cleans Up at Euro VMAs; Jay-Z Is Relegated to the Urban CategoryEminem took home Best Male to Jay-Z’s Best Urban honors. How is Jigga supposed to feel about that?
  11. tube junkie
    What Did Bill Murray Really Whisper to Scarlett Johansson in ‘Lost in Translation’?Revealed, on video!