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  1. post comedy
    How Funny Does Comedy Need to Be?With Nanette, Atlanta, Eighth Grade, Drew Michael, and other similar serious comedies, are we entering the era of post-comedy?
  2. Why Some Artists Are Never Separated From Their Work (and Why Louis C.K. Was)After the news broke about Louis C.K., my thoughts landed on someone else. I thought about Lena Dunham.
  3. louis c.k.
    FX Severs Ties With Louis C.K.Louis C.K. produced four shows with FX: Better ThingsBasketsOne Mississippi, and The Cops.
  4. Tear Down the Boys’ Club That Protected Louis C.K.Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct didn’t hurt the system. It maintained the system.
  5. HBO, FX, and Netflix Respond to the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against […]Two of the networks associated with Louis C.K. have responded to the allegations published by The New York Times yesterday. According to […]
  6. A Masturbation Scene in New Louis C.K. Movie Just Got Even More UncomfortableIn which Charlie Day mimics the behavior that C.K. himself is being accused of.
  7. Louis C.K. Is DoneThese stories change our perception of C.K.’s work. It’s not only unavoidable, it’s a necessary part of processing art and coming to terms with it.
  8. The Controversial Episode of Louie That Now Plays Like a ConfessionalEven before the allegations against Louis C.K. went public, “Pamela Part 1” raised eyebrows.
  9. vulture lists
    Beyond Gordon Cole: A Guide to David Lynch’s Acting RolesDid you know he appeared in Louie?
  10. ‘He Can’t Just Let His Art Do the Talking": Read This Essay About Louis […]Louis C.K.’s new film I Love You, Daddy premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, and now that the persistent rumors […]
  11. chat room
    Susan Kelechi Watson On This Is Us, Singing Hamilton on Set, and Louie“This show even gets to people who don’t cry. It’s coming for you any way you slice it.”
  12. Talking to the Gatekeepers of TV ComedyThe network executives behind Atlanta, Transparent, and more discuss how they find new talent and the best way to pitch a show.
  13. chat room
    Sarah Baker on Typecasting in Hollywood“People tend to be very unimaginative.”
  14. close reads
    What Pamela Adlon’s Work on Louie Tells Us About Better ThingsWhat we learned from revisiting the episodes Adlon wrote.
  15. In Conversation: Louis C.K.Talking feminism and optimism with the comedian who upended the conventions of TV comedy.
  16. mo' money mo' problems
    Louis C.K. Is ‘So Not Broke’ After Making H&P“It’s an enormous asset, and it’s mine forever.”
  17. tv review
    Horace and Pete Embraces the SilenceIts style demands that you experience drama in a way that’s anathema to the values of contemporary television.
  18. Louis C.K. on ‘Louie’: ‘I Can’t Feel That Show Anymore’Now that all ten episodes of Louis C.K.’s self-released series Horace and Pete are out, HitFix published a glowing, comprehensive review of the […]
  19. surprise albums
    Louis C.K. Released His Next Live Album$1? $85? You decide.
  20. tca 2015
    Louis C.K. Is Taking an ‘Extended Hiatus’ From LouieAnd we never saw him again …
  21. Louis C.K. Is Taking a Break from ‘Louie’ to Work on Other ProjectsThe fifth season of Louie wrapped up back in May, and while FX hasn’t officially renewed it yet, Louis C.K. has decided to put the show on an […]
  22. Charles Grodin Calls Louis C.K. ‘the Single Most Talented Person That I’ve […]Charles Grodin has been submitted as a guest comedy actor contender for this year’s Emmys for his role on Louie, so Deadline recently sat down […]
  23. fathers day
    Louis C.K.’s TV Daughter Cutely Roasted Him for Father’s DayLike father, like daughter.
  24. Season 5 of ‘Louie’ Was Only Eight Episodes Long Thanks to WeedLouie wrapped up its fifth season on FX last night, and if you were wondering why it only lasted eight episodes, HitFix has found the answer. […]
  25. overnights
    Louie Season 5 Finale Recap: Another One Bites the DustThe battle over what it is to be a man.
  26. comedy royalty
    How Louis C.K. Became a King of ComedyIt has been a long, drawn-out coronation.
  27. overnights
    Louie Recap: Whose Kid Is This?Everything goes sideways for Louie.
  28. ‘SNL’ Review: Louis C.K. Gets Ballsy for the Season 40 FinaleAs we’ve seen throughout SNL’s 40th season, standup comedian hosts bring with them strong points of view that dictate the temperament of their […]
  29. overnights
    Louie Recap: A Goddamn Man of the WorldIt’s Louie versus the Youth this season, and the kids are winning.
  30. overnights
    Louie Recap: Out There, in HereThis episode takes you in and out of reality in a way that’s just as tense and infuriating as the real-life desire to wake up from a bad dream.
  31. close reads
    Did Louie Get Raped?Is this role-play gone bad, or sexual exploration that’s gone too far?
  32. overnights
    Louie Recap: A Wolf in Pam’s ClothingThis episode is about the reluctance that shapes Louie’s life and decision-making process at every turn.
  33. listen
    ‘The Vulture TV Podcast’: Silicon Valley’s Tech AnaloguesPlus: the excellent new season of Louie.
  34. tv moments
    A 24-Year-Old Explains the Future to Louis C.K.“We’re the future. And you don’t belong in it.”
  35. overnights
    Louie Recap: We’re Beyond YouLouie will shake a scene around until you’re 180 degrees away from where you started. 
  36. dos and don'ts
    Louis C.K. Thinks He Shouldn’t Smoke Pot or TweetHe is right about one of these things.
  37. behind the scenes
    The Story Behind That Hilarious Poop Scene on Louie“Four years I’ve been saying to Louie, ’Please. Please do this scene.’”
  38. overnights
    Louie Recap: Friends, Sex, Love, Marriage, Divorce, RuinThe one with the masterfully done poop joke.
  39. overnights
    Louie Season 5 Premiere Recap: Hey, Fried Chicken!Louie’s weirdness is back this season, but in its more sitcom-y form.
  40. mashups
    Chewbacca Finally Gets the Louie Opening Credits He DeservesThanks, rhyming!
  41. Here’s Your First Look at Season 5 of FX’s ‘Louie’Louie returns to FX for its fifth season next week, and the network released two new promos featuring the first look at Louis C.K. in his hit […]
  42. ‘Louie,’ ‘High Maintenance,’ and ‘Last Week Tonight’ Win WGA AwardsThe 2015 Writers Guild Awards were announced over the weekend, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, Louie, The Simpsons, High Maintenance, and Last […]
  43. premiere dates
    The Fifth Season of Louie Has a Premiere DateIt’s a whole lotta Louis for FX.
  44. Louis C.K. and His Dedication to Experimental FilmLast year when Louis C.K. released his 1998 feature film debut Tomorrow Night, it seemed like a move that didn’t quite add up. Here’s this guy, […]
  45. 2015 WGA Award Nominees Include ‘High Maintenance,’ ‘Inside Amy Schumer,’ […]The Writers Guild of America just announced its list of WGA Award nominees for next year’s ceremony, which is set to take place on February […]
  46. Louis C.K.’s ‘Dianetics’: Inside His Weird and Wild Three-Hour Radio Show26 minutes into a three-hour advice show Louis C.K. hosted in 2007, a guy named Blake calls up. Blake says he’s driving solo from Dallas to […]
  47. renewals
    Louie Is Getting a Shorter Fifth SeasonOnly seven episodes.
  48. Season 5 of ‘Louie’ Will Premiere in Spring 2015 with Seven EpisodesMore Louie episodes are on the way, and thankfully this time the wait won’t be a long one. According to THR, FX announced today that they’ve […]
  49. Everything You Need to Know About This Year’s Best Comedy and Drama NomineesWe have a reading list for you!
  50. chat room
    Californication’s Pamela Adlon on TV Recaps“I just think people are premature-ejaculating their opinions.”
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