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Love And War

  1. double standards
    Cliché Alert: Scandal Journo Sleeps With SubjectShonda, nooo.
  2. awards speeches
    Watch Caitlyn Jenner’s Powerful ESPYs Awards Speech About Accepting One Another She took home the Arthur Ashe Courage Award as well as everyone’s respect.
  3. books
    Lena Dunham Pens Op-Ed Responding to Critics of Her Rape Essay“There is no right way to survive rape.”
  4. Lena Dunham’s Publisher Will Tweak Her Book Over Rape StoryA different Oberlin alumnus fits the description of the man she says assaulted her.
  5. scandals
    Jian Ghomeshi Drops $55 Million Lawsuit Against CBC“He’s getting nothing,” said a network spokesman.
  6. movies
    Miley Cyrus Recorded a Cover for the Movie Free the NippleShe put her own spin on Melanie Safka’s “Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma.”
  7. rape
    Janice Dickinson Says Bill Cosby Raped HerShe claims he drugged her in 1982.
  8. horrible things
    8 Women Accuse Canadian Broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi of Sexual AbuseUgly stuff.
  9. scandals
    Canadian Broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi Fired in the Wake of Sexual-Abuse ChargesHe claims he was fired for engaging in “rough sex.”
  10. flashbacks
    See 13-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Predict Her Future Stardom“When I’m famous and old, you’ll remember me as this beautiful little girl.”
  11. notable quotables
    John Grisham Sticks Up for 60-Year-Old Guys Who Download Child PornHis friend got locked up with a “bunch of perverts” just for downloading images of underage girls.
  12. plagiarism
    Did Hugo Boss Plagiarize the xx?Their record label, Young Turks, seems to think so.
  13. celebrity babies
    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Welcome Baby GirlCongrats!
  14. documentaries
    Lena Dunham Is Producing a Documentary About an LGBTQ-Friendly Brooklyn TailorKnown for making suits for transgender women.
  15. celebrity activism
    Emma Watson Delivers Powerful Speech on Feminism at the U.N.“You might think, ‘Who is this Harry Potter girl? What is she doing at the U.N.?’”
  16. crime and punishment
    Justin Bieber Will Take Anger-Management Classes As Part of Plea DealCase closed.
  17. book tours
    Lena Dunham’s Book Tour Features Lots of Celebrity GuestsIncluding Amy Schumer, Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein, and author Zadie Smith.
  18. on tour
    Oprah Is Going on an 8-City Arena TourWith Elizabeth Gilbert and Deepak Chopra.
  19. bombshells
    Beyoncé Just Dropped an Album With No WarningIs there such a thing as a happy panic attack?
  20. women
    Swedish Movie Theaters Add a Bechdel RatingShouts to Sweden.
  21. casting couch
    Jamie Dornan Is Reportedly the New Christian GreyDon’t start obsessing about him just yet, though.
  22. splits
    Kris and Bruce Jenner Have SeparatedAfter 22 years of marriage.
  23. twitterror
    Dr. Phil Asks If It’s Okay to Have Sex With Drunk GirlsAnd gets his own Twitter scandal.
  24. call and response
    Drake Heard Amanda Bynes’s Strange Sex Request“It’s obviously a behavioral pattern that is way bigger than me.”
  25. remember this?
    An Oral History of HBO’s Real SexFor two decades, the “60 minutes of sex” provided a master class in human sexuality to anyone with a premium cable package.
  26. squashed beef
    Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton Settled Their DifferencesStill wish we knew what the deal was in the first place, though.
  27. what's in a name?
    Bynes, Palmer, and Knox: An Amanda Comes to Terms With Amanda Shame2013 has not been a great year for Amandas.
  28. dramatic readings
    Watch Michael Shannon Read the Infamous, Rage-Filled Sorority President E-mailDelta Gamma has found its new prez?
  29. oscars 2013
    Oscars Producers Defend Seth MacFarlaneClassic boys who cry “satire.”
  30. part and parsing
    Don’t Call Lena Dunham ‘Brave’Her acolytes toss out this term whenever her nudity comes under attack. But this isn’t courage, it’s savvy.
  31. covers
    Why Is Tina Fey Lois Lane?To Alec Baldwin’s Superman. What the what?
  32. golden globes 2013
    The Eight Most Moved Audience Reactions to Jodie Foster’s SpeechThis is how you keep a Hollywood audience’s attention.
  33. golden globes 2013
    Jodie Foster’s Complete, Amazing Golden Globes SpeechInstantly legendary.
  34. supercuts
    Proof: Sex and the City Was Just One Long SegueMeanwhile, in Supercutville …
  35. fashion
    At Least One Member of the Wanted Likes LindsayJay made a T-shirt.
  36. cameos
    Was That Tina Fey’s Daughter on 30 Rock?It sure looked like her.
  37. world records
    Dude’s Biceps Are Bigger Than Your HeadSee the world’s biggest arms!
  38. twitter wars
    Chris Brown’s Twitter Is No MoreHe shut it down after a vicious squabble with a hater.
  39. encounter
    A Report From Rihanna’s Unapologetic 777 Tour9,502 minutes with the pop superstar.
  40. profile
    Can Whitney Cummings Get Some Respect?“I am not a sociopath.”
  41. awards
    Louise Erdrich and Katherine Boo Win National Book AwardsBeating out Junot Díaz and Dave Eggers.
  42. good things
    Channing Tatum Is Officially Your Sexiest Man AliveDreams come true.
  43. barack dubs
    And Now, President Obama Performs ‘U Can’t Touch This’But, seriously, U can’t.
  44. star wars episode 7
    Watch Disney Princesses Welcome Princess LeiaNo boys allowed!
  45. controversy
    No Doubt Pull ‘Looking Hot’ Video, Apologize to Native AmericansIt was not the most culturally sensitive.
  46. tv
    How Mindy Kaling’s Halloween Costume Philosophy Led to ‘Sexy Mailman’Her comedy idols “show they have no vanity. I’ve been really eager to embrace that.”
  47. exclusive
    Watch a NSFW Graham Chapman Biopic ClipA lot of cartoon sex is had.
  48. party chat
    Olivia Wilde Said a Great Many Things About Her Vagina Last Night“Sometimes your vagina dies.”
  49. cash money
    Lena Dunham Is at Least $3.5 Million RicherShe sold her book.
  50. cash money
    Lena Dunham’s Advice Is Now Worth $3.6 MillionAnd the bidding is still going.
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