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    Love Island U.K. Recap: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of HappinessWith two days to go, we’ve never seen a Love Island break up quite like Liberty and Jake’s. It was refreshingly authentic.
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    Love Island U.K. Recap: The Greatest ShowmanFinally, the public has agreed that Jake is playing Liberty.
  3. overnights
    Love Island U.K. Recap: Casa No MoreThe Faye of Reckoning dumps and demolishes Teddy, potentially the only loyal guy here.
  4. overnights
    Love Island U.K. Recap: Lads on TourThe producers’ postcard leads to one of the messiest recouplings in recent memory.
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    Love Island U.K. Recap: I Love You, ButThe producers really worked overtime finding this trio of newcomers.
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    Love Island U.K. Recap: Friendship IslandNoooo Hugo, you had one chance — finally, one chance! — and you ruined it.
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    Love Island Recap: The Rise of the Blonde WomenWill there ever be enough blonde women to satisfy Jake?
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    Love Island U.K. Recap: A Sanitized Sex BubbleThe vibe here? Can’t be described as anything but eeh.