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  1. last night on late night
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge Is the Hot Person From the Worst Town on SNL’s Love IslandAnd has the “allergic” lips to prove it.
  2. reality tv
    CBS Took a Big Gamble on Love Island This Summer. Did It Pay Off?Love Island hasn’t been a TV sensation, but its renewal is still a no-brainer.
  3. love island
    Because You Can Never Really Leave Love Island, CBS Renews It for Season TwoMore temporary islanders to love.
  4. tv review
    Love Island Is Boring, But Hard to EscapeOne week in, the new CBS version of the U.K. reality franchise remains unknowably vague — and strangely comforting.
  5. highlight reel
    The 15 Best GIFs From the Love Island PremiereEven at this early stage, there are encouraging signals that this could be a worthy U.S. iteration of the great U.K. franchise.
  6. reality tv
    What to Know About Love Island Before Its U.S. DebutThe UK reality-TV sensation is coming to America, airing five — yes, five — nights a week. Here’s what to expect, and why you should watch.
  7. meet your new crush
    I Think I Have a Crush on Post Malone Now?From gushing about Love Island to his cat, he’s basically a teddy bear.
  8. reality tv
    Love Island Is Bringing the Drama to the U.S. With a Remake for CBSCBS snagged rights to the wildly popular U.K. dating series.
  9. british reality tv
    Love Island Taught Me Everything I Know About the U.K.The eight most valuable things I’ve learned by watching Love Island, an absurdly addictive British reality show.