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  1. tv review
    In Love, Victor, a Spinoff Pushes Back Against Its Origin StoryOn its own, Hulu’s new teen coming-out series is pleasant TV. As a frankly resentful follow-up to Love, Simon, it’s something much more interesting.
  2. backstories
    Love, Victor’s Long Journey to Finding ItselfWritten for Disney+ but bumped to Hulu, the Love, Simon spinoff gently challenges the Hollywood gay narrative.
  3. trailer mix
    Watch the Very Cute Love, Victor Trailer That Was Somehow Too Much for Disney+The Love, Simon follow-up is out June 19.
  4. absolute filth
    Watch a Cute Coffee Shop Flirtation in the First Love, Victor ClipThe Love, Simon spinoff was intended for Disney+ and moved to Hulu.
  5. love simon
    Why High Fidelity Ditched Zoë Kravitz for Its Stand-alone EpisodeWriter Solomon Georgio and star David H. Holmes explain Simon’s side of the story.
  6. sequels
    Love, Simon Spin-Off TV Show Moves From Disney+ to HuluMeet (and) Love, Victor.
  7. What’s Happening to ‘Queer’ Cinema in the LGBT Film Boom?From Dallas Buyers Club to Battle of the Sexes to Love, Simon, there are more LGBT films than ever before. But is this progress?
  8. Theater Kids Are Everywhere on TV and in MoviesDrama club is officially the coolest extracurricular.
  9. movies
    Matt Bomer Is Taking His Hometown to See Love, Simon for FreeYou get a life-changing cinematic experience! And you get a life-changing cinematic experience!
  10. Love, Simon? Don’t Love, Simon?: A Debate on the Little Gay Movie That CouldMatt Rogers and Bowen Yang weigh in on the Queer Twitter Drama surrounding the queer romantic comedy-drama.
  11. Love, Simon Is A Sweet, Toothless, and Utterly Unstoppable Love StoryLike the chorus of a latter-day Taylor Swift song, it will lift you up, goddammit, and good luck trying to stop it.
  12. chat room
    Love, Simon Star Nick Robinson Was ‘Popular-ish’ in High School“I don’t think anyone has a great time in high school. If you do, you might be in trouble.”
  13. Natasha Rothwell Can Do It AllIt’s perhaps not correct to say that Natasha Rothwell is “transitioning” from being a writer to an actress, because she still seems to be […]