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    How Normal People Chose 13 Key Songs for Marianne and ConnellThe music supervisors weren’t so sure about Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek.”
  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweets a Galentine’s Day Playlist for YouYoung, scrappy, and hungry for an inhuman number of waffles.
  3. last night on late night
    Michael Bolton Sings a Love Song to the IRS on John Oliver“I think they deserve at least a few minutes of grudging acknowledgment.”
  4. love songs
    Watch Boyz II Men Croon for a Wendy’s Pretzel BunThey harmonize to “Om nom nom.”
  5. love songs
    Watch Will Forte Sing Jimmy Fallon a Perfect Tonight Show Theme SongIt’s as great as it is inaccurate.
  6. Reggie Watts and Elizabeth Banks Sing about Love and a Log House and in […] Remember when Elizabeth Banks was all like, “I’m a terrible singer?” Classic under promise, over deliver. But seriously, isn’t it dangerous to […]