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    Pete Davidson, a Romantic, Says He Was ‘Jerking Off to’ Ariana Before He Met Her“Any time we’re intimate I’m always apologizing and saying thank you.”
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    Pete Davidson Tried to Put a Ring on It the Day After He Met Ariana GrandeThe wedding is “definitely going to happen, for sure.”
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    Ocean’s 8 Panders Very Specifically to My Rihanna-Leo Dating FantasyThe Rih-venant.
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    Every Romance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, RankedWe evaluate every MCU romance, from Wanda and Vision to Bruce and Betty.
  5. Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody on Being Madly in Love for 40 YearsThe Homeland star and his actress-activist wife on their first kiss, making each other sob in public, and fighting about communism.
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    Nothing Gets Between Ewan McGregor and Spanx (Except for His Spanx Technician)Somebody make Ewan McGregor an official Spanx spokesperson.
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    The Creators of Love on Why It Will Inspire Your Next Breakup“It’s not ‘will they or won’t they?’ It’s ‘should or shouldn’t they?’”
  8. A Guy Proposed at a Jerry Maguire Test Screening“It was one of the first times we felt like the love story might reach people.”
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    Here’s Video of the Exact Moment Jennifer Garner Fell in Love With Ben AffleckIt was during a 2003 episode of Dinner for Five, while he was dating Jennifer Lopez.