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  1. movie review
    Edelstein: Lovelace Lets Down Its SubjectThe porn star biopic never goes deep enough.
  2. last night on late night
    Amanda Seyfried Practiced Krav Maga on Jimmy FallonAnd let out her goofball side.
  3. party chat
    Debi Mazar’s Kids Kept Her From Watching Deep Throat“Mommy! What are you watching?”
  4. party chat
    Sharon Stone Has Never Watched Porn; Peter Sarsgaard Likes Scandinavian PornRevelations from the Lovelace carpet.
  5. party chat
    Chris Noth Agrees With Emily Nussbaum’s Defense of Sex and the City“I think people — and I have, too, wrongly, sometimes — said, ‘Oh, it’s just about the glitz.’”
  6. trailer mix
    Lovelace Trailer: And Now, Deep ThoughtsAbout Deep Throat.
  7. let’s talk about sex
    Amanda Seyfried Talks About Lovelace Nudity“Nudity: whatever! Sex: we all do it.”
  8. sundance
    Before Midnight Among Announced Sundance PremieresJoseph Gorden-Levitt’s directorial debut will do so, as well.
  9. lovelace
    See a Sultry Amanda Seyfried in a Poster for LovelaceThe seventies were your decade, Seyfried.
  10. movies
    Gloria Steinem ‘Grateful’ to Be Played by Sarah Jessica ParkerShe also loves Sex and the City.
  11. lovelace
    See a Poster of Amanda Seyfried in LovelacePorn goes meta.
  12. Sarah Jessica Parker to Play Gloria SteinemShe’s filling in for Demi Moore in Lovelace.
  13. casting couch
    Demi Moore Will Play Gloria Steinem in Linda Lovelace BiopicAnd Adam Brody will play a porn star.
  14. James Franco May Play Hugh HefnerIn the Linda Lovelace biopic.
  15. casting
    Sharon Stone to Play Mother in LovelaceFilm to center on famous porn star’s abusive marriage.
  16. casting
    Amanda Seyfried Will Play Linda Lovelace NowAlongside Peter Sarsgaard.