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Lucy Lawless

  1. extremely online
    Lucy Lawless Knocks Some Sense Into Kevin Sorbo on Twitter“No, Peanut.”
  2. comic con 2016
    Lucy Lawless Once Went to the Deathbed of a Fan“It was amazing and beautiful.”
  3. trailer mix
    Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Trailer: Blood, Body Parts, and Heavy MetalSee the clip that’s too gory for Comic Con.
  4. reboots
    NBC Looks to Reboot Xena: Warrior PrincessNo word on Lucy Lawless’s involvement.
  5. romance
    How Nick Offerman Welcomed Lucy Lawless to Parks“You’re a nice size.”
  6. Ron Swanson and Lucy Lawless Sitting In a TreeWell, at least they’ll sit in that tree until Swanson cuts it down and turns it into a canoe, which he’ll in turn give to Lucy Lawless. Lawless […]
  7. casting
    Lucy Lawless to Woo Ron Swanson on Parks and RecreationYou may remember that she was the original pick for Tammy 1.
  8. arrests
    Lucy Lawless Arrested on an Oil RigHer four-day protest has concluded.
  9. Xena’s Lucy Lawless Occupies NZ Oil-Rig ShipThat is one badass last name.
  10. Lucy Lawless Could Have Played Tammy 1 on Parks and RecreationBut her schedule wouldn’t allow it.
  11. chat room
    Lucy Lawless: Spartacus’s Hedonism Has a Point, But Jersey Shore Is ‘Repugnant to Me’“My daughter is 22. I don’t want to see people my children’s age getting their gear off.”
  12. breaking
    Spartacus Star Andy Whitfield Leaving the Show for Cancer TreatmentNo decisions have been made about the future of the series.
  13. quote machine
    Megan Fox Orders Mickey Rourke to ProcreatePlus: Eva Mendes actually very funny, says Eva Mendes.
  14. news reel
    Lucy Lawless Talks Spartacus“It’s a virgin merkin. It’s in a frame; they gave it to me at the end of the season.”
  15. the industry
    The Starship Enterprise Will Fly AgainPlus: Ice Cube plays a cop.