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    The Walkmen Promote Someone Else’s AlbumPlus: What’s Ben Lee up to these days?
  2. quote machine
    ‘Baywatch: The Musical’ Scuttled by Idiots, Says David HasselhoffPlus: Steve Carell on his workout regimen, and Anne Hathaway on finger painting.
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    New Ludacris Remix Is Habit-FormingPlus: Drive-by Truckers!
  4. the early-evening news
    Does Ludacris Have Hos in Your Area Code?Plus: Is The Golden Compass a success after all?
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    Kanye West Makes the Grammys Safe for Space-Helmeted FrenchmenPlus: Ludacris!
  6. overnights
    ‘American Idol’: No Clear Winners in AtlantaLast night, American Idol traveled to Atlanta where the show had previously discovered the hidden talents of Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barrino, and Jennifer Hudson.
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    R.E.M. Wish You a Merry XmasPlus: Bee Gees!
  8. trailer mix
    ‘Fred Claus’: Even Paul Giamatti Has Bills to PayFrom the director of Wedding Crashers comes Paul Giamatti’s kid’s college fund!
  9. the industry
    Germany Says ‘Nein’ to Tom CruiseGermany Rejects Valkyrie, Cruise: The German government announces that United Artists’ Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise and directed by Bryan Singer, is not welcome to shoot at German military sites, citing Cruise’s Scientology beliefs. UA reps say shooting will go ahead with German locations to be determined. Film, true-story retelling of plot to kill Hitler, is a cornerstone of United Artists’ plans, and is first example of studio player Cruise’s Scientology interfering with business as usual. [Variety]