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    Luke Cage Breakout Star on Playing Misty Knight“Being a police officer is no different than being a doctor or a teacher. If you have a sense of morality, the system can work.”
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    How Luke Cage Went From Cutting Edge to Caricature, and Then Back AgainAs of early 2001, Luke was regarded as a jive-talking relic of a long-gone era.
  3. tv review
    Netflix’s Luke Cage Is Told Like a Classic WesternIt’s full of clichés, but still a pleasure to watch.
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    How Luke Cage Got Marvel to Say the N-WordIt has a lot to do with respectability politics.
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    5 Comics to Read Before You Watch Luke CageFrom the Marvel hero’s origin to his reinvention and beyond.
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Netflix’s Luke CageThe brass tacks of the character and his show.
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    See the New Trailer for Netflix’s Luke CageThe music is killer.
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    Luke Cage’s Mike Colter Is Marvel’s Next HopeThe show follows its bulletproof protagonist as he tackles corruption and intrigue in a gentrifying Harlem.
  9. How Luke Cage Plans to Please Binge Watchers and Hip-Hop Fans Alike“We wanted to do a show that was unapologetically hip-hop and apologetically black.”
  10. The Man Behind Luke Cage Told Us How He Pitched the Show to NetflixThis tells you a lot about how it’s going to go down.
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    Mike Colter Brings the Ruckus in a New Teaser for Luke CagePunch. Kick. Jab. Strike.
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    Faith Evans, Charles Bradley, Jidenna, and More to Perform on Luke CageJidenna and other artists will also contribute original songs to the Netflix show.
  13. Watch the O.D.B.-ified Luke Cage TeaserIt debuted at Comic-Con.
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    A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad Co-Scoring Luke CageAlong with composer Adrian Younge.
  15. The First Luke Cage Teaser Has Arrived and It’s GreatIt’s a Daredevil post-credits scene.
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    When Is Luke Cage Coming to Netflix?The actor revealed the show’s premiere date on the Daredevil red carpet.
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    Tarantino Explains Luke Cage Film That Never WasThe real reason has to do with bods. Kind of.
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    Mike Colter on Jessica Jones, Luke Cage“[At first] I didn’t see anything about him that I should play him, other than the bald head, but other people have bald heads.”
  19. first looks
    See the First Photos From the Luke Cage SetAnd Alfre Woodard!
  20. in development
    Marvel to Make 4 Live-Action Series for NetflixBased on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, respectively.
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    Which Second-Tier Superheroes Might Soon Be Movie Stars?From Ant-Man to the Flash, meet the caped crusaders who may get their own movies.