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Luke Strickler

  1. I Am the Official Boatman of the Hudson River, by Luke Strickler One of the things they don’t tell you about being a boatman is how to handle the power. No one comes up to you and explains how you are now […]
  2. I Didn’t Know That When I Taught This Town to Dance They’d Give Up on […] When I arrived at this Podunk town, there wasn’t a single butt a shaking or hip gyrating in the whole darn county. These folks had nothing […]
  3. Alien Sleep Recording 461, by Luke Strickler Star date 183:7B46 In an effort to further analyze the sentient sacks of beef occupying Earth, a.k.a. Big Blue Marble Place, we have […]
  4. We Promise Terry Isn’t the Author, by Luke StricklerTerry is not the author, nor is he a reference to the author. Terry is not any one of the author’s friends, a person who considers themselves […]