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  1. theater reviews
    John Doyle’s Blankie Macbeth and Zawe Ashton’s Memorable for all the women…John Doyle’s severity, now with security blankets.
  2. chat room
    Corey Stoll, Nadia Bowers on the ‘Intimacy’ of Doing Macbeth As a Married Couple“He just wanted to make sure that we weren’t going to have pillow talk about it.”
  3. theater review
    Theater Review: Mac Beth Has a Gap at Its CenterReinterpreted Shakespeare that doesn’t quite connect.
  4. casting
    Denzel, Frances, and Joel Coen Are Making Macbeth for A24No Ethan!
  5. movie reviews
    The Latest Macbeth Is Brooding and Bleaker Than Ever, But to What End?Is Michael Fassbender yet another victim of the Macbeth curse?
  6. New Macbeth Trailer: Something Oscar-y This Way ComesOut, damned (TV) spot!
  7. trailer mix
    Macbeth Teaser: All Hail Michael FassbenderPerfect Oscar bait.
  8. cannes film festival 2015
    10 of the Most Hotly Anticipated Movies at 2015’s Cannes Film FestivalPixar! Pornography! Cate Blanchett!
  9. Macbeth Opens: Does Opera Stardom Still Matter?“Compared to their forebears, today’s divas are dwarf stars, still capable of musical miracles but not of quickening a paparazzo’s pulse.”
  10. theater
    Shakespeare’s Bloody Problem: Why the Tragedies Almost Never Work AnymoreAll gore, few insights.
  11. theater
    Theater Review: Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth“A swift, thrilling production.”
  12. stage dive
    Stage Reviews: Macbeth, The Commons of PensacolaOne very old playwright, one very new one.
  13. Marion Cotillard Replaces Natalie Portman As Lady MacbethIn a film adaptation, starring opposite Michael Fassbender.
  14. stage debuts
    Kenneth Branagh to Make His New York Stage Debut in Macbeth Next YearWelcome, KB.
  15. casting couch
    Ethan Hawke to Play Macbeth on Broadway This FallHawke! I hear horses.
  16. starry shakespeare
    Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender to Star in MacbethThey recently wrapped a Terrence Malick film together.
  17. stage dive
    Theater Review: It Were Done Quickly, This MacbethIt’s cut to barely 100 minutes.
  18. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Harrison Ford Cursed Out an Apologetic ChewbaccaPlus: Tig Notaro put Conan on hold for a cell-phone call mid-interview, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  19. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Alan Cumming Talks to Himself; Tom Murphy Speaks to UsWe watch this Macbeth with deep interest, with great admiration, but not with much concern.
  20. theater
    Alan Cumming Explains His One-Man MacbethAnd see a slideshow of his many animated expressions.
  21. theater
    Alan Cumming Will Perform a One-Man MacbethAmbitious! How fitting for Macbeth.
  22. stage dive
    Things To Do (And Not Do) Before You Die This WeekendWe hope your family isn’t like the one in Debbie Tucker Green’s ‘Born Bad.’
  23. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Laurie Metcalf, National Treasure! Plus, Mike Birbiglia Strikes Again and a Bloodless MacbethIn ‘The Other Place,’ Metcalf is back in yet another mother of a role.
  24. kudos
    Tony Predictions: Sturm und Drang DivisionJames Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Ian McShane … underdogs?
  25. beef
    Verdi-vs.-Shakespeare Beef Not As Hard-core As We HopedDon’t miss Verdi’s deathless aria, “O, Shakespeare, cacasenno, vi daro dei calci nei vostri antichi.”
  26. news reel
    How to Play Lady Macbeth? Imagine Being Mauled by TigersHow does Broadway’s Kate Fleetwood get ready for her “Out, out, damned spot?” scene?
  27. kudos
    The Tony Awards: Exactly Like the NBA’s Western ConferenceFinally, someone finds a way to speak to these convergent fan bases!
  28. chat room
    Channeling Macbeth, Patrick Stewart Threatens to Kneecap Us“Jean-Luc Picard, supposing he were married to Lady Macbeth – which he would never have been because he is married to the Enterprise, as we all know…”
  29. the industry
    Tyra Banks, Ashton Kutcher Announce Plans for ‘America’s Next Punk’d Model’Plus: The Rock as the Tooth Fairy!
  30. apropos of nothing
    Patrick Stewart’s ‘Macbeth’ to Offer Bang for Your Buck on Broadway?That’s quite a photo on the front page of the Times.
  31. news reel
    Lou Reed Knows the ‘Sound and Fury’ Speech From ‘Macbeth’ by Heart“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, / Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, / To the last syllable of recorded time; / And all our yesterdays have lighted fools / The way to dusty death,” said Lou Reed.
  32. apropos of nothing
    William Wegman Makes the Met’s ‘Macbeth’ a Real DogHas director Adrian Noble decided to dispense with singers altogether for his new production of the Verdi opera?