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  1. casting couch
    Vincent Kartheiser Joins Hulu’s CasualPretty great, Bob!
  2. last night on late night
    Alison Brie Peed Her Pants on the Mad Men Set“Just soaked.”
  3. video essays
    Matt Zoller Seitz on 4 Classic Films That Inspired Mad MenSee if this sounds familiar: A New York exec with a beautiful home and beautiful wife decides one day that he’s had enough of his supposedly perfect life.
  4. video essays
    Inside The Thaw, Russia’s Version of Mad MenOne of the more fascinating descendants of Matthew Weiner’s show.
  5. Jon Hamm’s Golden Globe Is Spelled WrongIt’s Jon. No ‘h.’
  6. stay tuned
    Why Doesn’t Anyone Care About My Favorite Show?Plus: I keep forgetting what happens on Mad Men.
  7. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best TV Shows of 2015Plus: the ten best episodes and performances.
  8. orange is the new black
    Matthew Weiner to Direct an Episode of OITNBSo, which Litchfield prisoner worked at Sterling Cooper?
  9. listen
    ‘The Vulture TV Podcast’: Mad Men Holiday EditionFor those in search of Thanksgiving dinner-table material.
  10. gobble gobble
    Here’s Vincent Kartheiser As a Gritty PilgrimDon’t expect paper hand-turkeys in this retelling of the origins of Thanksgiving.
  11. Kiernan Shipka Looks Back on the Bobby DrapersThere were actually eight of them!
  12. stay tuned
    What Should I Watch While I’m in Labor? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: What if Lost has left me with commitment issues?
  13. party chats
    An Emmys Postmortem With Matthew Weiner“I felt like [Jon Hamm] should’ve won every year.”
  14. acceptance speeches
    Jon Hamm Finally Got to Give That Emmys Acceptance SpeechAfter 16 nominations!
  15. emmys 2015
    How Did Mad Men Do at the Emmys?Did it deserve more? Or is that what the money is for?
  16. emmys 2015
    Watch Andy Samberg Spoof the Mad Men FinaleDammit, Jerry!
  17. tv
    The Final Shot of Jon Hamm in Mad Men Was Actually Literally Painful There were some pulled groins involved.
  18. vulture lists
    13 TV Moms Who Thrived ProfessionallyYou know Murphy Brown and Alicia “Good Wife” Florrick shook things up, but what about the working-mom strategies forged by Miranda Hobbes and Joan Harris?
  19. chat room
    Elisabeth Moss on Queen of Earth, Post–Mad Men“What I forgot is that I won’t get to play with Joan or Roger or Don or Pete again.”
  20. mad men
    Christina Hendricks Is More 1970 Joan Than 1960 Joan“She was a real bitch in the beginning.”
  21. the long goodbye
    Why You’re Already Over Jon Stewart’s DepartureIt’s like we’re all permanently stuck on a dock waving at an ocean liner that’s set to depart sometime next week.
  22. book covers
    See the Very Meta Cover for Matt Zoller Seitz’s Mad Men BookIt’s not an ad, it’s a book!
  23. ghosting
    What’s Up With All the Time-Jumping on TV?It’s the TV equivalent of ghosting.
  24. secret history of television
    ‘The Secret History of Television’: Why Bottle Episodes Make Great TelevisionA new examination by “Vulture’s Secret History of Television.”
  25. tv
    The Link Between Mad Men and True DetectiveWhat is it about Esalen that could be so essential to stories so divergent? 
  26. vulture tv awards 2015
    The Best Show of the Year Is Mad MenAs Best Show — a category that transcends craft and implies a connection to the Zeitgeist — no other series came close.
  27. vulture tv awards 2015
    The Best TV Writing of the Year Goes to Mad MenIt’s the lines of pedestrian agony that define this show.
  28. vulture tv awards 2015
    The Year’s Best Series Finale Goes to Mad MenThis finale came close to being all things to all people.
  29. last night on late night
    Peggy’s Badass McCann Entrance Was a PainMiss you, Mad Men. Miss you, erotic octopus print.
  30. vulture festival 2015
    It’s Mad Men, If Lois Griffin Played Don DraperOr, rather, if she played Dick Whitman.
  31. mad men
    Matthew Weiner Wondered What Happened to Mad Men’s Sal, TooBehold, Weiner’s wish list of plot points to cover before the finale.
  32. final thoughts
    Mad Men Understood Human Behavior Better Than Any Show on TVWhile the leopard cannot change all of its spots, changing one or two might not be out of the question. 
  33. mad men
    Matthew Weiner Has Known How He Would End Betty’s Story for a WhileHe was pretty matter-of-fact about it.
  34. mad men finale
    Weiner: We’re Too Cynical About That Coke Ad“That ad is so much of its time, so beautiful, and I don’t think it’s as villainous as the snark of today thinks it is.”
  35. close looks
    The Mad Men Crew Made a Lot of Cameos in the Final SeasonGuess who’s about to overhear Stan’s declaration of love to Peggy? That would be production designer Dan Bishop.
  36. stay tuned
    How Will I Ever Get Over Mad Men? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredA special all–Mad Men Stay Tuned.
  37. mad men
    A McCann Man Talks About Mad Men“There’s no way Draper did the Coke commercial.”
  38. ratings
    Mad Men’s Finale May Be Its Most-Watched Episode EverA lot of people tuned in for Don Draper’s Moment of Om.
  39. chat room
    Mad Men’s Jay R. Ferguson on Stan and PeggyAnd that magnificent beard.
  40. the vulture tv podcast
    The Shove, the Kiss, and the Hug on Mad Men’s Finale“That tells me it’s a great ending, that you can sit here and talk about it.”
  41. close reads
    The End of Mad Men, in Its Characters’ Own WordsCoded within the final episodes lay any number of passages that illustrate the way Weiner feels about the end of the show.
  42. mad men
    Here’s Jon Hamm’s Interpretation of Mad Men’s Series FinaleHe also shares some post–Mad Men pitches.
  43. chat room
    Brett Gelman on Playing a Naked Hippie in the Mad Men FinaleAnd what the last table read was like.
  44. tidbits
    Freddy Rumsen Foreshadowed Mad Men’s Final SceneIn the season-seven premiere.
  45. The Best of the Mad Men Series Finale RecapsWe’d like to buy the world a Coke … to talk about this Mad Men finale. 
  46. mad men
    Last Night’s Finale Was Like a Mad Men Greatest-Hits AlbumMad Men died as it lived.
  47. mad men series finale
    Original Coca-Cola Ad Man Stopped Watching Mad Men After Season 2“I don’t care. I didn’t see it.”
  48. mad men
    How Death Has Imparted Wisdom to Don Draper on Mad MenBetty Francis, Rachel Katz, and the real Don Draper.
  49. have a seat
    The Ultimate Completely Unhelpful ‘Next Week on Mad Men’ PreviewTen minutes of “Hello” and “What?” and “Close the door.”
  50. overnights
    Mad Men Series Finale Recap: I’m Okay, You’re OkayOur recap of Mad Men’s series finale.
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