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Maddie Ziegler

  1. h.a.g.s.
    Benny Blanco and Juice WRLD’s ‘Graduation’ Video Is the Ultimate Movie EpilogueMakes you wonder why the end of The Sandlot didn’t address the impending Robotic War.
  2. casting call
    A Jet! Maddie Ziegler Will Play a West Side Story Jet![Light snapping.]
  3. child stars
    Sia Explains Her Worries About Pushing Fame on Dancer Maddie Ziegler“I feel very protective of her and my goal is to empower her in whatever choices she makes.”
  4. videology
    Sia Teams With Kendrick, Maddie for Orlando Prepare to cry.
  5. backstage
    How Maddie Ziegler Became Our ‘First Digital Dance Star’“She has, fascinatingly, really created her own world of dance.”
  6. season finales
    Sia Brought ‘Cheap Thrills’ to The Voice FinaleEnjoy it for pennies on the dollar.
  7. videology
    Finally, Maddie Ziegler Gets Back to Killing It in a Sia Music VideoJust when we were starting to feel confident about our dance skills.
  8. judging you
    Maddie Ziegler Joins SYTYCD As a JudgeExpect a lot of Sia songs.
  9. see ya
    Maddie Ziegler Makes Triumphant Return As Sia’s Dance SurrogateSia and Mini Sia, once more.
  10. videology
    Maddie Ziegler Loses Her Mind (Again) in Sia’s New VideoAnd she’s still going mad.
  11. videology
    Shia LaBeouf and the ‘Chandelier’ Girl Have a Cage-Match Dance-Off for SiaShia LaBeouf does more stuff! 
  12. last night on late night
    Watch Jimmy Kimmel Learn How to Do Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ DanceIn a beige leotard and blonde wig.
  13. chat room
    Maddie Ziegler on Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ Video“Really use your crazy eyes and just be weird.”