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  1. super bowl halftime show
    Watch Madonna’s Gilded Super Bowl Halftime ShowBusy and glittery.
  2. vulture odds
    Who Has the Best Chance of Angering the FCC at the Super Bowl, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, or M.I.A.?We lay down the odds for all of the many possible controversial offenses. Lay your money down, PTC!
  3. videology
    Watch Madonna’s ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ VideoFootball!
  4. kudos
    The New EGOTs: Vulture Coins Other Great Achievements in Cultural OmnipresenceMadonna gets a SAD! 50 Cent gets a RASH! Blue Ivy gets a BMW!
  5. How Does Harvey Weinstein Deal With Madonna, Meryl, and Michelle?“You learn after a while, it’s like doctors and patients.”
  6. Madonna Cast Lourdes in W.E., Then Cut Her“She took it like a champ.”
  7. madonna
    Behold the Cover Art for Madonna’s New AlbumLook, Ma, no arms!
  8. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jay Leno Ruffled Madonna’s FeathersPlus: Maya Rudolph knows the dog that found the severed head and limbs by the Hollywood sign, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  9. madonna
    Hear Madonna’s Super Bowl Song Leaked by Tim HeideckerMadonna loves football, but only the kind that is actually soccer!
  10. madonna
    See the Cover Art for Madonna’s New SingleMusic makes the people come together, also keeps Madonna looking young.
  11. madonna
    See Madonna in the Studio With Martin Solveig and M.I.A.Wait, why is M.I.A. hanging out with Annette Bening?
  12. beef
    Elton John’s Husband Wants a Take-Back on Those Madonna CommentsBlame his artistic passion.
  13. a league of their own
    Watch Penny Marshall and Rosie O’Donnell Wax Nostalgic About A League of Their OwnIf you can figure out what Penny Marshall is saying, you might think back warmly to A League of Their Own, too.
  14. Elton John’s Husband Angry Over Madonna Win at Golden Globes“[It] truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit.”
  15. madonna
    Watch the Full-Length Nightline Interview With MadonnaMadonna does Nightline, talks Gaga, boy toys, and getting her feet rubbed.
  16. What Does Madonna Really Think of ‘Born This Way’?“I thought, this is a wonderful way to redo my song.”
  17. madonna
    Madonna’s New Album Title Is …M.D.N.A.
  18. music
    Madonna and Kylie Minogue to Duet (at Last)For Australians and gay dudes, Christmas has come a little late this year.
  19. Oscar-Qualifying Songs Include Zooey Deschanel, Snub MadonnaAnd three songs from The Muppets made the cut.
  20. music
    Madonna Signs With InterscopeInterscope will work with Live Nation to keep Madonna Inc. running.
  21. nicki minaj
    Listen to Madonna and M.I.A. Wish Nicki Minaj a Happy BirthdayTwo big deals wish another big deal a happy birthday, and it’s no big deal.
  22. kisses
    Nicki Minaj Very Excited About Kissing MadonnaMaybe the Super Bowl halftime show won’t be so boring after all.
  23. madonna
    Watch a Video Announcement of Madonna’s Super Bowl ShowWell, we knew she was going to perform, but now it’s got an official video package!
  24. madonna
    Madonna Will Perform at Her First Super BowlReally shakin’ things up, Super Bowl people.
  25. Watch a Supercut of Divas on DivasFourFour’s mad Internet scientist Rich Juzwiak compiled a supercut of VH1-trademarked “divas” dishing on other “divas,” and it’s good, bad, and ugly.
  26. Madonna’s W.E. Trailer: Dress You Up in Their LoveWatch the trailer for her controversial movie.
  27. Madonna’s New Single Is Probably Here!Hear the full version of “Give Me All Your Love.”
  28. madonna
    Hear a Leak of Madonna’s New MusicIt’s called “Give Me All Your Love,” or, basically, “Beautiful Stranger 2.0.”
  29. rumors
    Your Rumored Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show: Madonna, M.I.A., and Nicki MinajMadonna or the Puppy Bowl? Discuss.
  30. clickables
    Watch Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes, Give Her LipWhatevs, Madonna. Totes magotes.
  31. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Madonna at a Screening of ‘The Skin I Live In’Find out why Madge showed up to the party without having seen the film.
  32. clickables
    Watch a Three-Minute Showreel for Madonna’s W.E.Nice stripes, Wallis.
  33. save the date
    Madonna’s W.E. Heading to Theaters in DecemberDuring the throes of awards season.
  34. clickables
    Hear Britney Spears’s Cover of Madonna’s ‘Burning Up’There’s now a tiny chance Madge will show up on her tour.
  35. essay
    Is Lady Gaga’s Uplifting Message Diminishing Her Gaga-ness?Inarguably positive but inoffensively mainstream, her ‘Born this Way’ preaching detracts from her breakout avant-garde persona.
  36. clickables
    See Conan Gussied Up As Madonna Circa Blonde AmbitionAlso: Einstein, Steve Jobs, Moses, and Frida Kahlo.
  37. mysteries
    Lady Gaga Explains Why You Mistakingly Think She Ripped Off ‘Express Yourself’It was the chord progression.
  38. money
    Madonna’s Malawi School FailsRaising Malawi has canceled plans to open a school.
  39. clickables
    Check Out Some Never-Before-Seen 1982 Photos of MadonnaThey are majorly eighties.
  40. when piers attacks!
    Piers Morgan Will Not Talk to Howie Mandel or MadonnaHowie Mandel? Really?
  41. save courtney
    Courtney Love Is Literally Crying for Help at This PointFollowing a messy rendition of “Like a Prayer,” Love asked the audience to save her from herself.
  42. health
    Madonna Is a Mexican-Gym Owner NowHard Candy Fitness is opening in November.
  43. clickables
    Madonna Reveals Hatred of Actresses in Unearthed 1991 LetterShe also calls Geena Davis a “Barbie doll.”
  44. quote machine
    Kristen Bell’s Dream of Having Tons of Acne Crushed by DisneyPlus: Madonna’s upcoming movie to star Madonna’s furniture.
  45. madonna
    Get Ready: A Madonna–Lady Gaga World Tour Could Be in the WorksGaga, ooo la la.
  46. madonna
    Tudors Star to Play a ‘Savage’ Queen Elizabeth in the Madonna-Directed W.E.If she doesn’t drop out of the project, like Vera Farmiga.
  47. beef
    Joanna Newsom Slams Lady Gaga and Madonna“I’m like, fair enough: she is the new Madonna, but Madonna’s a dumb-ass!”
  48. quote machine
    Ke$ha Heard Some People Thought Her SNL Performance Was ‘Great’Plus: Taylor Momsen has basically made the greatest album ever, claims Taylor Momsen.
  49. party chat
    The Help’s Broken Bones Will Not Break Madonna’s Stride“I had to go to the emergency room … She kept doing her leg lifts!”
  50. glee
    Glee and Madonna May Join Forces Yet AgainCould a Britney Spears episode be next?
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