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  1. deepfakes
    Billie Eilish Hates Her Bald, Topless CGI Nylon Germany Cover“[B]ooooooooooo to you.”
  2. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Rips Into the Irony of Walmart’s Cosmopolitan BanUh, have you seen other front pages lately?
  3. An Excerpt from ‘Paul Ryan Magazine’: Proust Questionnaire, by Anna Heyward Paul Ryan is the unofficial magazine of the Speaker of the House, brought to you by the team behind The Neu Jorker. Edited by James H. Folta […]
  4. the end of an era
    After 50 Years, Rolling Stone Will Go Up for SaleRS founder Jann Wenner makes plans to sell his controlling stake in the magazine.
  5. media
    What Happens When Twee Bible The Believer Moves to Las VegasDave Eggers and Carrie Brownstein visit the literary magazine’s glitzy new home.
  6. ‘The New Yorker’ Now Has a Cover-to-Cover Parody Thanks to ‘The Neu Jorker’A bunch of talented writers and illustrators have teamed up to create a very ambitious parody: a cover-to-cover take on an issue of The New […]
  7. Check Out Michael Gerber’s New Humor Magazine ‘The American Bystander’If you’re on the lookout for some great humor writing from National Lampoon, SNL, Monty Python, and Simpsons alums, look no further than […]
  8. music
    Taylor Swift Is Having a Bruce Springsteen WeekHer haunting visage appears on the covers of both Time and Bloomberg Businessweek.
  9. movies
    According to the Interstellar Magazine Covers, There Is No Color in SpaceThis is space, guys! It’s serious.
  10. An Imagined Monologue By the Disappointed Editor of ‘Penthouse Forum,’ by […]Mr. Carlson, I assume? Please, come in and have a seat. Mr. Carlson, although the dictates of modern propriety obligate me to thank you for […]
  11. Jasper Tries to Pass Off 473 Subscriptions to ‘Lowrider Magazine,’ by […]Jasper, step into my office. Now, I realize the student body has gone a little bonkers over the annual magazine subscription fundraiser. This […]
  12. Watch Judd Apatow Talk About Editing ‘Vanity Fair’ in a New 24-Minute […] Last year, Judd Apatow guest-edited Vanity Fair’s comedy issue, and here’s a brand new 24-minute interview with Apatow about putting the issue […]
  13. Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon Make the Time 100 ListTime magazine released the “Time 100” today, its annual list of the world’s most influential people, and America’s two newest 11:35pm talk show […]
  14. Lena Dunham Wrote a Thing About How Much She Likes Puppies for ‘The New […]Lena Dunham wrote a personal essay called “A Box of Puppies” that appears in The New Yorker this week. It’s worth the read if you like Lena […]
  15. publishing
    Variety Will Soon Stop Releasing Daily EditionsAlso, they’re removing their paywall.
  16. Conan O’Brien Predicts the Future of ComedyConan O’Brien wrote a delightful piece for Judd Apatow’s comedy issue of Vanity Fair about the comedy world causing the apocalypse in the year […]
  17. Seth MacFarlane and the ‘Parks and Rec’ Cast Make GQ’s ‘Men of the Year’ […]GQ released the list for its upcoming “Men of the Year” issue today, which includes Seth MacFarlane, the male cast of New Girl, the male and […]
  18. the walking dead
    See a Cool Cover of The Walking Dead Magazine, Which ExistsDid we mention there’s a Walking Dead Magazine?
  19. justin bieber
    Go Behind the Scenes of Justin Bieber’s Forbes ShootSmart and charitable? And now legal? How about that! … Us? Oh, just … thinking …
  20. Funny or Die Launches a New iPad App Publication for Cash MoneyFunny or Die’s making a move into iPad content like many other comedy creators - but this app will represent a distinct publication, a “digital […]
  21. disney
    See a Series of Fake Magazine Covers Featuring Disney PrincesYour favorite two-dimensional hunks invade the print editorial arena, thereby destroying your childhood.
  22. Tina Fey on GQ Man of the Year Steve CarellSteve Carell has a lot more in common with pizza than meets the eye. To honor his being named a GQ Man of the Year, his Date Night co-star Tina […]
  23. clickables
    See Adele on the Cover of Cosmopolitan MagazineHeartbreak never looked so good.
  24. The Community Cast Will Never Tire of Dressing In Awesome CostumesWhen you’re getting sick of maneuvering your way through a Halloween party while dressed as a complex visual pun tonight, think of the […]
  25. clickables
    See Melissa McCarthy on the Cover of Entertainment WeeklyAll hail the queen!
  26. Patton Oswalt Guest Edits SPIN Magazine’s Comedy IssuePatton Oswalt has lent his name to the masthead of SPIN for their November “Funny” Issue, which Oswalt calls “a highly personal snapshot of […]
  27. Eleven Non-English Humor Publications (In No Particular Order)Different approaches to satire do not translate well across national borders, nor often does the subject matter. But if ever there were a case […]
  28. Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Take Cheesecake Pictures for GQWell, here’s a picture of Community’s Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs in lingerie acting out a “lesbian scene” for GQ. There’s a video as well. […]
  29. Diving Into the Archives of ‘Spy,’ The Funniest Magazine EverMaybe you’ve heard of Spy Magazine, the satirical magazine that was one of the funniest things ever in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, but never […]
  30. clickables
    Help Us Figure Out the Jake Gyllenhaal–Taylor Swift Cover of Us WeeklySeriously, we’ve been wondering about this all day.
  31. books
    Read 150 of the Best Magazine Articles of All TimeMay your commute never be without a stimulating printout again.
  32. slideshow
    George Lois on His Esquire CoversThe magazine legend discusses his most influential works.
  33. magazines
    Bad Day for Music MagazinesThis morning we learned that ‘Vibe’ had folded, and now Daily Intel hears there were layoffs at ‘Spin’ today.
  34. repeat offenders
    Zooey Deschanel: Two-Time Magazine Killer?Will she not rest until she’s killed print altogether?
  35. the best part
    What’s the Best Part of the Epic George Clooney Profile in ‘The New Yorker’?Well, we’ve been reading since yesterday morning, and we’ve got a bunch of ‘em!
  36. the take
    Our Undergrad Fiction Workshop Critiques the ‘Esquire’ Heath Ledger Story“Show, don’t tell!”
  37. strike zone
    Could a DGA Deal This Week End the Writers’ Strike?But the news isn’t all smiley faces on placards! Plus, the true victims of the strike: entertainment journalists.
  38. cover story
    ‘TV Guide’ Spoils ‘Grey’s Anatomy’Be very, very careful when standing in the checkout line.
  39. the best part
    ‘Fortune’ Profiles the Happy Little Worker Bees at CAAThe magazine writes at length about the super-agency, and Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke weighs in.
  40. cover story
    Magazine-Cover Retouching, Russian Style (Update: Or Not)Who the hell is that on the cover of Russian Vogue?
  41. the take
    ‘The Simpsons’ in ‘Vanity Fair’: An Imagined Oral HistoryGraydon Carter: I can’t remember if it was my idea or someone else’s, but I definitely was the one to give it the go-ahead. After all, I edit Vanity Fair, don’t you know.
  42. the weekend read
    ‘In a Life Filled With Mistakes, This Is One I Don’t Need’
  43. apropos of nothing
    ‘New Yorker’ Music Critic Passes the Hat
  44. the take
    New Tour Blogs From ‘Billboard’ Reveal That Driving in a Van Is Boring
  45. cheek by jowl
    Beyoncé and Kelly Face Off in ‘Vibe’
  46. the weekend read
    Horror and Hope in a Russian School
  47. the best part
    Michael Ovitz, Chinese Aphorisms, and ‘Rent’
  48. the weekend read
    ‘Any Life, Examined This Way, Looks Ludicrous’
  49. the take
    David Sedaris’s Wit Surgically Removed by ‘New Yorker’ Fact-Checkers?