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Maggie’s Plan

  1. vulture lists
    12 Onscreen Relationships Destroyed by a Man’s NovelWhen a literary guy decides to start working on a manuscript, watch out.
  2. movie review
    Maggie’s Plan Is an Enjoyably Silly FantasyMaggie’s Plan doesn’t quite gel, but it’s very enjoyable, and it has a solid emotional core.
  3. movies
    Rebecca Miller on Making Maggie’s PlanHighbrow theoretical discourse isn’t exactly the most obvious comedy material. Unless, as Miller discovered, it stands for something else.
  4. video
    Watch Maya Rudolph School Greta GerwigWhile discussing what a hottie Ethan Hawke is.
  5. hopless romantics
    Rebecca Miller to Direct Greta Gerwig Rom-ComUndateable no longer.