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Maggie Grace

  1. trailer mix
    The Hurricane Heist Trailer Gives You a Wild Heist — During a HurricaneDon’t ever settle for either a crime caper or a natural-disaster movie when you can have both.
  2. prank calls
    Listen to Liam Neeson Prank-Call Maggie Grace’s Ex-BoyfriendDon’t mess with Liam Neeson.
  3. Watch the Trailer for Taken 3, Which Is Actually Called Tak3nNow it’s Liam Neeson’s turn to avoid being taken. 
  4. movie review
    Movie Review: Lockout Is a Decent But Cluttered ThrillerAfter the first scene, the movie loses its witty economy.
  5. teasers
    Watch Guy Pearce Get Punched in LockoutSo much punching.
  6. chat room
    Maggie Grace on Lockout, Lost Tattoos, and Action Movies“I grew up in a Christian household where it was Middlemarch or bust. I just saw Die Hard for the first time.”
  7. trailer mix
    Lockout Trailer: Prison! In! Spaaaaace!Guy Pearce stars as “a loose cannon.”
  8. twilight
    Maggie Grace To Menace Kristen Stewart in Breaking DawnShe’ll play a “vegetarian” vamp.
  9. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Adams, MortensenPlus: Maggie Grace and Guy Pearce sign on for outer-space thriller.
  10. lost
    Grace to Return for Lost’s Final SeasonShannon, killed in season two, is back for more fun!
  11. lost
    Which Original Lost Cast Member Has No Interest in Returning to the Show?Your guess is as good as ours!
  12. the industry
    Rob Zombie to Bring Back The BlobPlus: Robin Williams! Helen Mirren! Maggie Grace!