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  1. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Nude Fight Scenes Aren’t Easy, Says Katee Sackhoff“I just met the crew,” said Sackhoff, “and I was like, ‘Here is my vageene.’”
  2. the industry
    Nicole Kidman and Brooklyn Decker Will Go For ItPlus: Applegate and Milano Take a ‘Pass’
  3. the industry
    Zac Efron Graduates From High SchoolPlus: Ed Harris signs on for WWE film.
  4. the industry
    Kim Basinger and Zac Efron Are Practically FamilyPlus: the greatest day of Patrick Duffy’s life.
  5. the industry
    Hi-Yo, George Clooney, Away!Is ‘Beverly Hills Ninja 2’ next year’s ‘Snakes on a Plane’? Yes.
  6. the industry
    Bruce Campbell to Once More Wear the Chainsaw Arm in Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead 4’?Plus: Does the ‘Thundercats’ movie have its Panthro?
  7. the industry
    John Cusack and Gong Li Get ShanghaiedPlus: What’s Russel Crowe up to?
  8. quote machine
    Brad Pitt: The Meat in a Churchill-Roosevelt Sandwich