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  1. Billions’ Maggie Siff on Her Time as a Temp on Wall Street“That skill set, whatever it is, is not mine.”
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    Billions’ Maggie Siff on How It Feels to Yell at Paul Giamatti“It’s awesome to get to play something like that, something momentous and awful and nightmarish.”
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    Maggie Siff on Playing Characters Who Die and Those Billions Sex Scenes“I didn’t want to be the girl doing the sex scene in every episode.”
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    SoA’s Maggie Siff on Tonight’s Bloody FinaleSpoilers ahead.
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    Maggie Siff on SoA, Tight Jeans, and CleavageThe usual biker stuff.
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    Roundtable: Ex-Mad Men StarsHow do you readjust to life outside of Sterling Cooper?
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    Maggie Siff on Or, and Being Don Draper’s Soul Mate“Sometimes I feel like what’s asked of me is just like a little sliver of what I can do.”