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  1. Every Steven Soderbergh Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestAs Unsane hits theaters, we evaluate every Soderbergh film, from Solaris to Schizopolis.
  2. broadway babe
    The Magic Mike Musical Will Have a Number for the Straight Guys, TooBut don’t get us wrong, the musical also has a lot of “beefcake” in thongs.
  3. like father like daughter
    Channing Tatum’s Toddler Daughter Got to See Magic Mike Live Before YouJealous.
  4. party chat
    Would Matthew McConaughey Nominate Himself for an Oscar?We do our best to find out.
  5. awards
    Matthew McConaughey’s Magic Mike Awards Campaign Begins NowHanging out with the actor as he flies into Los Angeles for an awards screening of Magic Mike.
  6. kudos
    Vulture Awards: Celebrating the Year in Channing TatumBest nude scene! Best fedora! It’s all here.
  7. party chat
    Channing Tatum Wants to Direct Magic Mike 2 … But Not YetHe hopes to make another movie first.
  8. ah memories
    Things We Can’t Forget From This Summer’s MoviesAlso, we talk about the chems.
  9. last night on late night
    Fred Willard Addressed Lewd Act and PBS FiringPlus: Chevy Chase likes to pick fights (literally) with Joel McHale, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  10. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Ice Age Wins the Mid-Batman/Spider-Man SlotThe fourth entry in the prehistoric animated series made $46 million this weekend.
  11. magic mike
    Watch Jason Biggs’s ‘Long Lost’ Magic Mike Audition TapeWatch your back, Channing.
  12. magic mike
    Watch a Bachelorette Party Hire the Wrong Magic MikeBe careful what you wish for.
  13. sequels
    Channing Tatum Is Talking About Magic Mike 2Can this be real?
  14. chat room
    Olivia Munn Defends The NewsroomShe says it’s not Sorkin’s soapbox.
  15. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: July Fourth EditionSavages gets squeezed out, but could it increase its haul this upcoming weekend?
  16. feminist debate
    Why Magic Mike Isn’t Quite a Feminist Home RunAfter all the male objectification, it’s really just a story of a good girl rescuing a bad boy.
  17. your box office explained
    Magic Mike, Ted, and the Red-Blue State DivideWhile gender had a big part to play with the success of both films, another factor played a huge role.
  18. now what?
    Eight Ways to Cope Now That You’ve Finally Seen Magic MikeYou can take up knitting, begin writing fan fiction, or commit seppuku.
  19. burning questions
    Why Did Channing Tatum Wear a Marilyn Monroe Costume in Magic Mike?“That to this day still puzzles me,” says the Magic Mike costume designer.
  20. chat room
    Kristin Bauer van Straten on True BloodShe’d like a signed sock, please.
  21. box office gold
    Ted Leads the Year’s Raunchiest Box OfficeWith Magic Mike (strip) teasing in second place.
  22. naked math
    A Breakdown of Magic Mike’s Nudity, in Graphs and ChartsFor easy reference.
  23. oscars
    Matthew McConaughey, 175 Others Granted Oscar-Voting PrivilegesThe Academy invited tons of newbies to join today.
  24. the industry
    How Magic Mike’s Butt-Filled Trailer Made All the DifferenceThat’s how you sell a movie about male strippers.
  25. david edelstein
    Movie Review: Magic Mike Is Arty, Energetic, Soft-CoreSoderbergh’s latest parable of how capitalism transforms sex into a soulless commodity is surprisingly enjoyable.
  26. magic mike the musical
    Soderbergh and Tatum Will Produce Magic Mike: The MusicalTargeted for next summer.
  27. collect the set
    See Vulture’s Magic Mike: The Gathering CardsIt’s the crossover that had to happen.
  28. chat room
    Magic Mike’s Cody Horn on Stripping and Tattoos“I’m afraid that women are going to come at me with guns and knives.”
  29. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Andrew Garfield Had Trouble Peeing As SpidermanPlus: Channing Tatum gave us a quick peek into his Boy Scout stripper routine, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  30. magic mike
    Watch a Magic Mike Flash MobSo that’s why they call him Big Dick Richie.
  31. turnarounds
    We Are Now Living in a World Where Matthew McConaughey Is InterestingThis was impossible to foretell when Fool’s Gold came out.
  32. chat room
    Joe Manganiello on Magic Mike, Gold Thongs, and His Surreal Press Tour“At this point in my life, we’re beyond the bucket list.”
  33. dreams coming true
    A Magic Mike Musical Is in the Works“I think it’s the perfect thing for women to go see on Broadway, to be participants in the show.”
  34. stripping
    Channing Tatum Did Not Steal Stripper MovesNo matter what Thomas “Awesome” Austin and London Steele say.
  35. joe manganiello
    Watch Kylie Minogue Eat Doritos Off of Joe Manganiello’s PotbellyRight off the belly.
  36. last night on late night
    McConaughey Wouldn’t Take Hip-Hop From TatumPlus: Olivia Wilde and Stephen Colbert engaged in an act-off, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  37. trailer mixxx
    Here, Finally, Is a Magic Mike Trailer With ButtsAnd we mean all of the butts.
  38. party chat
    Oh, Right, Magic Mike’s Matt Bomer Is Also a DadWe talk Father’s Day … and nudity.
  39. close looks
    The Six Most Essential New Stills From Magic MikeIncluding Matt Bomer in a sailor’s outfit.
  40. magic mike
    Check Out Another Magic Mike Poster and New TV SpotsThe Year of Tatum continues!
  41. magic mike
    Check Out a New Poster and Trailer for Magic Mike“Work all day. Work all night.” Truer words …
  42. it's raining men
    Here Are Some of the Songs Channing Tatum Will Strip To“It’s Raining Men,” of course.
  43. trailer mix
    Magic Mike Trailer No. 2: Less Whining, More StrippingCorrect choice!
  44. male strippers
    See EW’s Magic Mike Striptease CoverChanning Tatum and the boys show some skin!
  45. party chat
    Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello on the Costumes of Magic Mike“One of the first days of filming, [Matthew McConaughey] was wearing a yellow Speedo with a halter top.”
  46. vulture's summer movie preview
    Blockbuster Math: What’s the Formula for 2012’s Summer Movies?Rock of Ages = Poison, Warrant, and Whitesnake x a half-off wig sale at Spencer Gifts
  47. party chat
    Matthew McConaughey Designed His Own Assless Pants for Magic MikeHe also describes his Magic Mike character.
  48. vulture's summer movie preview
    F, Marry, Kill: The 2012 Summer Movie EditionThe very crass party game, now applied to the season’s most anticipated films.
  49. trailer mix
    Magic Mike Trailer: It’s Finally HereLet’s do this.
  50. trailers for the trailer
    See a Little Bit of the Upcoming Magic Mike TrailerAnd check out Channing Tatum’s stripper moves.
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