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  1. disney+
    Disney+ Lights the Black Flame Candle on a Hocus Pocus SequelCongrats, virgins!
  2. pilots
    NBC Orders Pilot From Your Favorite Future Sitcom Dad, Kenan ThompsonDoes this mean he’s leaving SNL?
  3. ricky jay
    10 Magic Tricks That Prove Ricky Jay’s Genius“This is indeed the luckiest night of my life.”
  4. obits
    Ricky Jay, Actor and Celebrity Magician, Dead at 72He frequently collaborated with David Mamet and wrote for The New Yorker.
  5. magic
    Remember That Time When The Simpsons Predicted USA’s Olympic Gold This Year?There’s always an episode.
  6. magic spies
    Magician Derek DelGaudio Reports Other Magicians Secretly Filming His Stage ShowTwo other magicians were allegedly identified as having recorded parts of DelGaudio’s one-man magic show, In & of Itself
  7. what would gob bluth say?
    Criss Angel Rushed to Emergency Room After Ill-Fated Straitjacket StuntTa da?
  8. strange deaths
    Magician Found Dead in Closet at Hollywood’s Magic CastleThe man was reportedly found with a bag over his head.
  9. it's magic
    David Blaine Went on an Epic Quest to Learn How to Regurgitate FrogsHe learned his new trick with help from Houdini and a man living in a remote Liberian village.
  10. david blaaaaaaaine!
    David Blaine Suffered Injury by Shooting HimselfThis guy.
  11. magic
    Watch David Blaine Horrify Drake and Emma Stone Experience the deeply upsetting magic.
  12. magic
    Amaze Yourself With This Step-by-Step Card Trick From an Off Broadway MagicianAllow Helder Guimarães to teach you. 
  13. magic
    Fantastic Beasts to Introduce a New Magic PowerIt belongs to Alison Sudol’s Queenie Goldstein.
  14. pottermore
    J.K. Rowling Explains Native American MagicThey don’t use wands!
  15. Federal Investigation Into the Magical Growing Fruit Farm of Farmer Maroo: […]On September 13, 2014, a complaint was a made by a Francis R. Wiggleworm concerning the food production by The Magical Growing Farm. Mr. […]
  16. Being at the Intersection of Comedy and Magic with Justin WillmanWhen I was first asked to interview Justin Willman about his comedy special, Sleight of Mouth I was like, “Okay, cool!” Then I found out he was […]
  17. The Secret History and Uncertain Future of Comics Character John ConstantineHe changed comics, but will TV destroy him?
  18. rude is still the worst song in america
    11 Questionable Moments in Band PunctuationFrom AC/DC to MAGIC!. (Exclamation point theirs.)
  19. the charts
    The Reign of ‘Fancy’ Is OverGood-bye.
  20. by the the eye of agamotto!
    5 Things to Know About Doctor Strange, Marvel’s Newest Movie HeroHe’s a real doctor!
  21. movies
    Johnny Depp in Talks to Play Harry HoudiniIn The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero.
  22. magic
    See a Michael Jackson Hologram PerformHe (it?) performed at the Billboard Music Awards.
  23. magic
    Salem: A Witch Show That Is Actually Quite ScaryWitch-y abortions and a frog pulled out of someone’s mouth. It’s weird.
  24. music
    ‘You & I’ Video: One Direction Meets The CraftMagic!
  25. magic
    Here Is Every Celebrity Reaction From Last Night’s Magical David Blaine SpecialHe makes Harrison Ford grin. Grin!
  26. trick and treat
    Watch David Blaine Trick Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, MagicallySure, but how pure is his meth?
  27. magic
    Kanye Is Going to Be on a David Blaine SpecialGreat!
  28. The Complete Guide to Everything: MagiciansThis week we talk about how Tom’s not going to the VMAs while Tim proposes a number of Robin Thicke / Alan Thicke Mash-ups. There’s also […]
  29. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Olivia Wilde Refused to Drown David BlaineHe’s the guest of honor at her magic-themed wedding after all.
  30. abracadabra
    Now You See Me: Why Movies About Magicians Don’t WorkIf there’s a trick the cinema has rarely pulled off, it’s making a decent magic movie.
  31. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Julianne Moore Gave Away Her Cannes Toemageddon ToesPlus: Jimmy Kimmel played the National School Scrabble champions, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  32. vulture investigates
    Ask a Magician: How Hard Is It to Make It in the Illusion Game These Days?It’s not just “headlining Vegas or slumming it doing nursing-home shows.”
  33. party chat
    David Blaine Ate a Wine Glass Off Meryl Streep’s Table at a Party Last NightAnd she looked stunned!
  34. trick or treat
    Magician Sneezes His Head Off, Scares EveryoneNow, this guy really doesn’t have a good head on his shoulder.
  35. magic mike
    Watch a Bachelorette Party Hire the Wrong Magic MikeBe careful what you wish for.
  36. Gillian Jacobs Has Joined the Magic of Burt WonderstoneBurt Wonderstone is quickly shaping up to be the most eagerly awaited movie of 2012. Community’s Gillian Jacobs just joined the cast, which […]
  37. Steve Carell Looks Like a Smooth-Chested Lion in Burt WonderstoneI wish they’d just go ahead and decree that every movie has to be about magicians already. This photo of Steve Carell in a plunging rhinestoned […]
  38. Jim Carrey Is Literally Magic In Steve Carell’s Burt WonderstoneWhile he’s apparently still in negotiations, Deadline reports that we’ll probably be seeing Jim Carrey in Burt Wonderstone, starring alongside […]
  39. clickables
    See the Perfect Tablecloth Magic TrickTruly.
  40. clickables
    Watch a Magician Perform for Various Surprised Drive-Thru WorkersBehold, the Floating Dollar To-Go illusion.
  41. clickables
    Watch Jon Benjamin Perform a Stunning Chain-Escape Magic TrickMeet the Great Handini.
  42. clickables
    Enjoy Some Card Tricks From Piff the Magic DragonFrom ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us.’
  43. Michael Cera Goes From Timid To Terrified In Indie Thriller Magic, MagicWe all love Michael Cera and the sweet nebbish that he channels in 97% of his performances. But what if Cera was doing what he does best…while […]
  44. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Make Believe, a Doc About Teen MagiciansThink ‘Spellbound,’ but about magic.
  45. clickables
    Watch Danny Pudi Demonstrate His Particular Brand of Bedroom MagicOhhh, get it.
  46. the industry
    Netflix’s Big SummerIt added almost 2 million new subscribers in the period from June to September.
  47. tv
    Young Woman Performs Incredible Magic TrickWhat the!?
  48. tv
    Watch a Commercial for Criss Angel’s Ridiculous Magic KitCriss Angel knows the rules: Show us our card and we will sleep with you.
  49. magic
    Netflix Comes to Your iPhoneStream movies, even over a slow 3G connection.
  50. magic
    Hulu Possibly Coming to iPhonesNow that the weather’s getting nicer, wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy NBC’s two good shows outside? Soon you might be able to!
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