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Magna Carta Holy Grail

  1. the charts
    Jay Z Is Still No. 1Surprise.
  2. the charts
    Magna Carta Holy Grail Is Jay-Z’s Thirteenth No. 1 AlbumHe’s getting closer to the Beatles’ record.
  3. sibling rivalries
    Kanye and Jay-Z Had a Long Dispute Over Some Magna Carta SongsKanye wanted the material for Watch the Throne.
  4. jay-z-nomics
    ‘Oh, I’m So Good at Math’: Lessons From the Jay-Z Business ModelLeveraging talent, managing risk, and cashing out.
  5. art
    Jay-Z Did a Six-Hour Performance of ‘Picasso Baby’At Pace Gallery.
  6. oh i’m so good at math
    Jay-Z Did in Fact Go Platinum(Again.)
  7. vulture lists
    A Complete List of Every Product Jay-Z Has EndorsedFrom Bing to beauty products, Jay-Z has hawked it all.
  8. music review
    Jody Rosen on Jay-Z’s Mailed-In Magna Carta … Holy GrailThe best way to listen to this half-assed record is to half-listen.
  9. teens
    Meet WondaGurl, Jay-Z’s 16-Year-Old ProducerNormal teen stuff.
  10. magna carta holy grail
    The Magna Carta Holy Grail Rollout Has Been a Little RoughThe Samsung app crashed, and reviews have been lukewarm.
  11. history
    Jay-Z Convinced a British Cathedral to Debut His Album CoverRight next to the Magna Carta.
  12. how to go platinum in america
    New RIAA Rules Mean Jay-Z Will Probably Go Platinum on Day OneDigital sales now count immediately.
  13. clarifications
    Rick Rubin Did Not Actually Work on Magna Carta Holy GrailHe was just in the commercials for fun.
  14. magna kanye holy yeezus
    Jay-Z Announces Grail Guests, Kanye Has a SingleHova’s new song “BBC” features Beyoncé, JT, Nas, and more.
  15. track lists
    Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail Track List Is HereReal songs: “Picasso Baby” and “Beach Is Better.”
  16. the charts
    Jay-Z’s Samsung Downloads Won’t Count on the Charts“Nothing is actually for sale.”
  17. feelings
    Turns Out It Is Still Possible to Feel Sorry for KanyeJay-Z “Big Brothers” him again.
  18. word choices
    25 New Album Titles Jay-Z Might Have ConsideredAs long as you’re pairing two epic things, why Magna Carta Holy Grail and not Jurassic Park Da Vinci, Hova?
  19. gifs
    Jay-Z and the Magna Carta Holy Grail of GIF SetsBy the looks of this promo, Magna Carta Holy Grail is gonna be super fun.
  20. hova complex
    Jay-Z’s New Album Is Magna Carta Holy GrailIt’s going to be released through an app at first.