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  1. makeovers
    CBS All Access Has a Fancy New NameThat’s Paramount+ to you.
  2. makeovers
    Nick Kroll Doesn’t Need Tan France’s Fashion TipsBut Big Mouth co-creator Andrew Goldberg does.
  3. makeovers
    John Mulaney Subjects Himself to Tan France’s Makeover TortureAnd he’s a very good sport.
  4. makeovers
    Is Euron Greyjoy Hot Enough for You Now?Euron’s makeover includes a little eyeliner and a lot of leather.
  5. fake beards
    A New Low in Top Model Makeovers: A Fake BeardGood gracious, that’s ugly.
  6. makeovers
    You’ll Be Able to See RoboCop’s Eyes NowIn the remake.
  7. clickables
    Watch an 11-Year-Old Get Snooki-fied by the Woman Herself“You’re never too young to look bangin’.”
  8. plain jane
    Plain Jane: The Makeover Show That Wants to Be a Romantic ComedyThough the message of, “get hot to get the guy” might seem disturbingly retro, we’re still apt to fall for its charms.
  9. makeovers
    Wonder Woman Finally Allowed to Wear Pants!And a jacket.