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Malcolm In The Middle

  1. hell yes!
    B. Cranston Also Wants to Revisit MalcolmScore.
  2. the streaming-tv gold rush
    How to Discover the Shows Within Your Favorite ShowsA whole new way to watch old TV.
  3. ‘Malcolm In the Middle’ Returns for a ‘Breaking Bad’ Crossover The final season of Breaking Bad will be out on DVD next week, and one special comedy-related extra has already been leaked. Bryan Cranston’s […]
  4. extras
    Video: Watch This Breaking Bad Alternate EndingStarring Bryan Cranston as both Walter and Hal.
  5. sitcom smackdown
    10 Things Hal Did That Walter White Never WouldNot just back shaving!
  6. sitcom smackdown
    Round 1: Roseanne vs. Malcolm in the MiddleDon’t these working-class comedies scratch the same itch? They do not, actually.
  7. sitcom smackdown
    What’s the Best Sitcom of the Past 30 Years?We kick off our Sitcom Smackdown, a bracket that pits Cheers, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and twelve more comedy greats against each other to find the ultimate champion.
  8. rumor mill
    No, Jane Kaczmarek Won’t Be on Breaking BadBut she will be on a DVD extra. Malcolm in the Middle lives!
  9. See the Malcolm in the Middle and Full House Casts ReunitedAnd Kimmy Gibbler looks great!
  10. bryan cranston
    See a Bryan Cranston InfographicBreaking Malcolm? We’d watch it.
  11. Marc Maron to Interview Comedy Fans’ Favorite Dramedians Next WeekGood news for AMC fans: Marc Maron will be releasing WTFPod episodes featuring Jon Hamm on Monday and Bryan Cranston on Thursday. Should be […]
  12. labeef
    Shia LaBeouf Will Not Leave Poor Frankie Muniz AloneThe star of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ is still LaBeouf’s favorite loser.