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  1. close reads
    Stranger Things 3 Offers an Unexpected Requiem for the American Shopping MallIn an age when shopping centers have come to represent a dead end, the vibrantly alive Starcourt mines a particularly potent vein of nostalgia.
  2. malls
    Britney Spears and Ellen Visit a Mall, Famously“Teach your children what is important in life, and that is money and celebrity.”
  3. malls
    Hunger Games Cast to Cause Mall Riots Across AmericaKatniss and Orange Julius, together at last.
  4. Scenes of Carnage and Chaos at the Mall, In Order 10. Paul Blart Mall Cop 9. Terminator 2 8. Low Down Dirty Shame 7. Observe and Report 6. Chopping Mall 5. Commando 4. Bill and […]
  5. the take
    Japanese ‘Simpsons’ Voice Actors Replaced; Fans Protest With PhotoshopFor the Japanese version of The Simpsons Movie, the voice actors who dub the show for television are being replaced by celebrities in an effort to bring in mainstream moviegoers.
  6. tube junkie
    World’s First Porno for Plants Not Nearly As Hot As It Could Have BeenArtist Jonathan Keats’s Cinema Botanica is, he claims, the world’s first porno film for plants and features “explicit acts of cross pollination.”
  7. kudos
    Kathy Griffin and Elaine Stritch Liven Up the EmmysWhen it comes to bawdy acceptance speeches, Kathy Griffin is no Elaine Stritch.
  8. the industry
    ‘Sex and the City’ Throws Jennifer Hudson a Frigging BonePlus industry news on Naomi Campbell, Jonathan Groff, and Catherine Breillat.